Johnny Dang Net Worth – Know How Much The Jewelry Designer Earns

Hard work, consistency, and a proper business plan are the elements to multiply your wealth by leaps and bounds. Jewelry designer Johnny Dang has proved it. 

Hailing from Vietnam, Jonny Dang is a jeweler, entrepreneur, and now a well-known YouTube personality based in Houston, Texas. He is best known for designing grills and jewelry for many popular hip-hop celebrities and other entertainers in the industry. He has his own jewelry business with the name of Johnny Dang and Co. where he sells beautiful custom jewelry. 

Often dubbed ‘The Jeweler to the Stars’, Dang has played an instrumental role in popularizing jewelry, grills, and mouthpieces used by many acclaimed artists. His creativity and business mind have earned him popularity and good wealth. 

Curious to know about his business and net worth? Read this article till the end to find out. 

Johnny Dang’s Early Life 

Dang was born Thanh Dang on the 21st of November, 1974, in Vietnam. Detailed information about his childhood and parents remains limited in the media. Reportedly, his father and grandfather both worked in the jewelry business, and Dang seems to have inherited such fine skills from them.

His father emigrated to the United States of America in 1987 and settled in Houston, Texas. In 1996, Dang alongside the rest of his family followed his father and shifted to the States. He began his career as a jewelry repairman at a local flea market in Houston and would initially make only $100 a month. While following his passion, he met rapper Paul Wall and left him impressed with his grills-making skills. It was when the tables turned for the jewelry maker, and he was given a few contracts. 

Houston rapper Paul Wall and jeweler Johnny Dang in the VIP area of the new custom grillz store, Johnny Dang & Co., Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 in Houston. ( Michael Ciaglo / Houston Chronicle )

After freelancing and working on contracts with many clients, including celebrities, Dang decided to start his own company. Thus, with the help of Paul Wall, he founded his own jewelry company in 2005. At first, his company would sell items like necklaces, rings, watches, and grills. Dang expanded his business to sell other stuff as well. 

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The Jewelry Designer Who Became Everyone’s Favorite 

Dang’s eye for creativity and jewelry-making skills made him immensely popular among enthusiasts. He started from scratch and began designing jewelry for celebrities. Over the years, he has continually established himself as one of the top suppliers of jewelry for many famous artists. 

Dang has even been mentioned in musical recordings by many stars like Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, Migos, Chief Keef, Keith Ape, King Von, Juice WRLD, YNW Melly, DaBaby, Post Malone, and Lucky Luciano, to name a few. He has appeared in music videos too, including Nelly’s 2006 song Grillz and the below-listed numbers: 

  • And I Still by Rod Wave 
  • Gucci Bandanna by Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, and Shawty Low 
  • Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough 
  • No Angel by Beyonce 
  • Ice Tray by Quavo and Lil Yachty 
  • We Takin’ Over by DJ Khaled 
  • Wild Boy by Machine Gun Kelly 

When Dang Landed Vocals for Some Songs 

If you believe that Dang’s passion is only restricted to designing outstanding jewelry pieces for his clients, think again. Besides appearing in music videos and being referenced by several music artists, Dang has provided vocals for various songs, including Stayed Iced Up by Paul Wall. 

His creations have appeared in various magazines and television shows like Ozone, XXL, Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV, Super Bling on BET, and more. His works are frequently featured on several shows, including his own, The Jonny Dang and Paul Wall Show, a reality show he produces with his business partner and dear friend.

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What is Johnny Dang’s Net Worth? 

Considering his jewelry business and celebrity clientele, it would be safe to say that Johnny Dang owns an impressive net worth. Over the years, he harnessed his dreams into a million-dollar jewelry business. As of 2023, his net worth appears to be a whopping $20 million. 

A major source of income for him is his successful jewelry design and supply business. His company made over $500,000 within five years of establishment. The brand gained immense recognition throughout the country and made Johnny rise to popularity in the hip-hop community. 

His clientele includes famous stars like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, TI, Warner Bros., and more. Reportedly, TI alone spent as much as $35,000 on a single jewelry set designed by Dang. 

Another source of income for Johnny is TV. He makes frequent television appearances, particularly on MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen and BET’s Spring Bling, and multiplies his income. Besides being in the jewelry business, Dang is an active social media figure on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He monetizes his posts and does sponsored ads from time to time. Per media reports, his jewelry store earns $13.2 million. 

Is Johnny Dang Married? 

Yes. Johnny Dang is married to Jennifer Dang. The couple celebrates their marriage anniversary every year on the 14th of August. They share two kids – a son as well as a daughter. The family lives a happy and luxurious life at a 14 square-feet palace located at 622 Richmond. 


  • Johnny Dang owes his popularity as a jewelry maker to his Vietnamese jewelry crafting skills. Vietnam jewelry making uses more manual techniques, while others are much more technical. In some of his creations, he combines Vietnamese and American jewelry techniques to craft pieces that stand out. 
  • With all of his entrepreneurial success, Dang focuses more on giving back. He has been involved with many charity giveaways to support Texas youth. He even has his own charity, Jonny Dang Charities. 
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