Sneak Peek Into Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Case! Here Is Everything We Know

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Celebrity trial: Amber Heard (36), ex-wife of actor Johnny Depp (58), was held in Fairfax, Virginia, beginning on April 12th. An opinion piece about marital abuse by actress Amber Heard was the subject of a defamation lawsuit by Johnny Depp in 2019. That complaint is the focus of the trial. Actor Johnny Depp argues that the tale harmed his career in an irreversible way.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Case

Depp’s aggressive text messages and audio recordings of their conversations in court have already made headlines throughout the trial, which is slated to last six weeks. In 2020, there will be a trial in the United Kingdom addressing allegations of abuse between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The experiment is presently in its third week, and this is what we know thus far.

Johnny Depp Is Suing Amber Heard For An Undisclosed Amount Of Money

After Heard published an op-ed in the Washington Post in December, Johnny Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against her in March 2019. There was a settlement agreement of $50 million in the case. In the poem, she referred to herself as a “public figure symbolizing domestic abuse,” although she did not directly mention Depp by name in relation to his treatment of women in sexual assault cases. After the poem was released, Johnny Depp said he was sacked from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series only days afterward. He also claimed that the piece was the reason for his dismissal from his previous position. A cloud of suspicion had already been cast over Depp’s professional future after the couple’s public split and the allegations of domestic abuse that followed.

Amber Heard Is Suing Johnny Depp For What Reason?

Heard’s counsel sought to have Depp’s defamation suit dismissed after Depp’s defeat in the U.K. court. Heard’s suit against The Sun had been rejected by a court, which cited differences in defamation laws between British and American jurisdictions and the fact that Heard was not a defendant. To react, Depp’s legal team called the charges “false and a sex abuse farce,” causing Heard to file a $100 million defamation lawsuit against him. The trial will be held in Fairfax County, Virginia, where the Washington Post is based, in honor of Heard’s op-ed appearing in the newspaper.

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What Did Heard Say In His Washington Post Op-Ed?

‘I came up against sexual assault — and confronted the anger of our culture,’ Heard wrote in a December 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post. “Something has to be done about this.” Since then, she’s suffered a lot of backlash for being accused of “becoming a public figure symbolizing domestic violence” in 2016. Later, she asked for more support for those who have experienced domestic abuse.

This timeframe corresponds to the chronology of the couple’s divorce two years before Heard spoke to Depp by name in her essay, which was published in 2017.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Case

What You Need To Know About The Sun’s Legal Battle

It is expected that Johnny Depp will go on trial for libel in the summer of 2020 in the United Kingdom, where some of the claims against him have already been heard. A total of 14 allegations of abuse against Depp were brought out by Heard during his testimony at the trial. This claim was “essentially right,” however a judge found that 12 of them were “proved to the civil threshold” while the other 16 were “proven to the criminal level.”

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Love Story

Heard and Depp initially met on the set of The Rum Diary in 2009, when Heard played the love interest of Depp’s main character. It was during the shooting of a scene in which their characters were meant to kiss each other in the shower that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard first became acquainted.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Case

Johnny Depp’s Deposition Testimony

Johnny Depp’s evidence, which began on April 19, spanned several days and included an account of a childhood marked by verbal and physical abuse as well as his first meeting with Amber Heard.

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While both actors have previously accused the other of physical abuse, they have each vehemently denied the other’s claims. He said that Heard was aggressive to him and that one time, after hurling a vodka bottle at him, his finger was seriously injured. The accusations have been refuted by Heard.

Actor Johnny Depp’s defense team questioned him about text messages he sent to pals that detailed his drug and alcohol usage and discussed possible acts of violence against Heard—in one, Depp called Heard a “rotting corpse.” Depp argued that they were only a reflection of his dark sense of humor. Immediately after the publication of Heard’s op-ed, he revealed how he was fired from the sixth Pirates picture.

So, Who Else Has Testified So Far, And Who Else Is Expected To?

As the first witness to take the witness stand, Depp’s older sister and personal manager Christi Dembrowski related stories of torture she and her brother had endured as children. Court evidence from Isaac Baruch, a childhood friend of Depp’s, said that the actor allowed him to live rent-free in an L.A. penthouse while he worked on his creative endeavors. However, even though Depp and Heard resided in the same neighborhood, no physical conflict between the two had ever been seen by him, and he branded Heard’s claims a “malicious fabrication.”

Depp’s legal team has summoned two physicians and a nurse who treated him for drug abuse as part of its inquiry, and they claim they noticed disputes between the two but no physical violence.

Depp’s legal team enlisted the services of psychologist Shannon Curry last year to conduct an evaluation of Heard’s mental health, and she came up with the diagnoses of borderline personality disorder and histrionic disorder. According to Curry, people with a borderline personality disorder may have a fear of abandonment and undertake “desperate measures” to prevent someone from leaving. In contrast, those with histrionic personality disorder need the attention of others.

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Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Case

Curry’s lawyer questioned why Curry and the actor’s legal team had dinner and beverages at Depp’s apartment before Curry was hired as an attorney.

Six days before she went to court in Los Angeles seeking a temporary restraining order against her husband with bruises on her face, Officer Tyler Hadden, who responded to a domestic violence report at the couple’s residence in May 2016, said Heard showed no evidence of harm at the time.

She may have covered up her injuries with makeup to protect Depp, Heard’s lawyer said in answer to a query about why the police didn’t do a more thorough investigation into the allegations.

When Depp’s witness Alejandro Romero entered the stand, it seemed as though he was driving while puffing on a vape pen. Romero worked at the front desk of the building where Depp and Heard lived throughout their marriage.

Final Words

According to sources, Heard is expected to testify in the following weeks. Some of the other potential witnesses on Heard’s list include Elon Musk, with whom she is said to have had a connection, as well as her former co-star James Franco, with whom she is claimed to have shared personal information. Paul Bettany, a well-known actor, is expected to testify on behalf of Johnny Depp on a conversation he had with Depp regarding text messages that he had sent to Amber Heard.

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