Johnny Depp quit acting? This is your new project

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Johnny Depp has been one of the most beloved celebrities by viewers in recent decades taking roles that became popular. However, this has changed when his ex-wife, Amber Heard, sued him for assault and defamation, just as he did by contradicting her words. This judicial training will continue until 2022, but in the meantime the actor will try to resurface in another area.

Although he was no longer considered by much of Hollywood, everything exploded when he lost his trial in front of The Sun newspaper, which led to Warner Bros. making the decision to fire him from the saga Fantastic Animals, when they were in the middle of filming the third movie. The truth is that in a short time Disney confirmed they don’t want him anymore in Pirates of the Caribbean Y Netflix joined in assuring that they will not take it into account for any production.

In the midst of this legal dispute, he released the film Minamata, which also did not receive a good reception from the critics and its director, Andrew Levitas, recently accused MGM Studios of sabotaging its launch, since it has not yet reached theaters in the United States. It is clear that his career in acting seems to be on its last legs and that is why will seek to return to the center of the scene from a different place.

According to a report this week from Daily Mail, the interpreter of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean I would be thinking of going back to music, his first great love, with a new material for his band Hollywood Vampires. He would do it with his friend and blues legend Jeff Beck, who was supporting him during his legal dispute with Amber Heard.

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“They have been collaborating on new material for Jeff’s next album. It’s great for Johnny to go back to his first love, which is music. Jeff was good friends with Johnny during a difficult time, and getting away from Hollywood was just what Johnny needed. “, assured a spokesman for the British media. So far his only project in future acting is a dubbing in the series Puffins, so music is expected to be a new path, at least for a while.


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