Johnny Depp’s Violent Home Video Recorded by Amber Heard

By: Thomas Blade

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Johnny Depp

He hits the furniture, screams, breaks a glass cup, and ends up assaulting his ex-wife. They are the shocking images of a drunk and violent Johnny Depp that has shown the defense of Amber Heard in the last hearing of the trial that the actor initiated after denouncing his wife for defamation.

The scene, which you can see in the video, happens in the kitchen of his house. In it, it is seen how the actress and model record with her mobile phone a scene that begins with Depp kicking and hitting the kitchen furniture before grabbing another glass in which wine is then served again.

Amber, who remains still contemplating the scene, asks him in a trembling voice even what is wrong with him, since “nothing had happened” and reminds him that that same morning he was even “sweet and kind”.

Then, after breaking a glass or glass bottle, he approaches Heard with a violent attitude, reaching what seems like a struggle or aggressive physical contact towards her, who withdraws and stops recording.

In this way, the defense has wanted to show proof of the ill-treatment that Heard denounced in an article he published in The Washington Post in 2018, after his divorce, in which he claimed to have suffered “domestic abuse”. This was the reason why Depp has brought his ex-wife to trial, mistreatment that the actor has denied at all times: “I have not hit a woman in my life,” said the actor during one of his statements.

After the video, and asked if he recognized that he was having a violent attitude, the actor has responded ironically saying “it is obvious that he did not have a good day”, and then claim not to remember the date very well and highlight that the most important thing is that “she laughs at the end of the video”, all while Heard listens in silence and holding back tears. He has also acknowledged, although it is evident in the video, that there is a “possibility” that he was drunk at the time.

“Like a savage”

Everything has been during the hearing that took place last Thursday in the last hearing of the trial, which is taking place in a court in Fairfax (Virginia, USA). USA). In it, the defense of Depp’s ex-wife has shown other evidence and even the actor ended up acknowledging that he was acting “like a savage”.

It was in one of the messages that the actor couple exchanged during their tortuous relationship and that one of Heard’s lawyers read the day before in court. In one of them, the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ acknowledged that he had gone “too far” and promised to work with his psychologist to modify his behavior, which was then conditioned by the consumption of drugs and alcohol, according to Heard.

During three years of legal struggle, Depp, 58, and Heard, 35, have publicly shared details about what was their life together and in which the actress claimed, in various ways, to have been the victim of abuse. The actor asks his ex-partner for 50 million dollars in damages. For his part, Heard has responded with a counterclaim in which he alleges that Depp has promoted a smear campaign against him and claims 100 million.

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