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Johnny, Jenni Rivera’s youngest son, made an explosive statement about inheritance

The family clan of Jenni Rivera It is in everyone’s eye after the request for an audit made by their children to the companies of the late singer. In the midst of speculation about the origin of this follow-up to finances, the youngest son of the Diva de la Banda broke the silence and made some explosive statements about her mother’s inheritance.

It all happened during the television show “The fat and the skinny”, Where Chiquis Rivera’s younger brother assured: “We have never received anything in these eight and a half years (since his mother’s death). I have many questions”. His words come after knowing that it will be Jacquie Rivera who is appointed as the new executor of the company.

It is worth mentioning that Rosie Rivera, sister of Jenni Rivera He was in charge of the companies and managed the finances of the business since the singer died. According to Johnny on the television show, he and his brothers were looking for answers about the handling of their late mother’s estate.

Also, he denied his aunt Rosie assuring that a previous audit had not been done, for which, as he said as they have never had knowledge of the financial status of the company, he decided to request the audit. This procedure has caused havoc within the family of the famous singer to the point of pitting her children against their uncles.

In parallel, Jacquie Rivera He took part in favor of the members of his family, without showing how hurt he is to see them divided. “I know my Aunt Rosie is not a thief. They don’t know what it would give; I would give all the money in the world to see my mother and my family together again, ”he added to the same interview show.


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