Jojolands Release Date Revealed! Here Are The Latest Updates!

By: Archisman Dutta

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Fans are already anticipating the release of JoJolands, which will follow the “Steel Ball Run” universe’s narrative. After a 10-year run, JoJolion, the eighth installment of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, came to an end in August 2021. Below, we will look at when the next JoJo manga could be released.

When is the JoJolands manga going to be released?

The official release date for JoJolands has yet to be revealed. As a result, we can only guess when the ninth JoJo series will be released based on previous manga publication timetables. Take a look at the dates for each manga’s run in the table below:

  • Phantom Blood: December 1986 – October 1987
  • Battle Tendency: November 1987 – March 1989
  • Stardust Crusaders: March 1989 – April 1992
  • Vento Aureo: December 1995 – April 1999
  • Stone Ocean: December 1999 – April 2003
  • Steel Ball Run: January 2004 – April 2011
  • JoJolion: May 2011 – August 2021

Steel Ball Run was serialized from March 19, 2005, until April 19, 2011. The premiere of JoJolion started nearly soon after that, on May 19, 2011. On the other hand, Araki took a 6-8 month vacation between Vento Aureo and Stone Ocean.

If we had to estimate, we would say JoJolands would be released in Japan around March 2022. When it comes to the specific release date, we are guessing it will be on March 19, 2022, when JoJo Magazine is published in Japan to commemorate the show’s 35th anniversary.

It will be the third installment in the Steel Ball Run realm and maybe the story’s end (if not the franchise itself). It makes sense since the first three sections and the second three parts each have their own trilogies. Araki previously said that he has sketched up to Part 9. Thus it is likely where he intends to end it. Alternatively, we may take a wild excursion or return to the original JoJo realm.

The final name may differ

The title of the upcoming expansion, JoJolands, is one of the few pieces of information that Hirohiko Araki has revealed about Part 9 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. However, it is very uncommon for Araki to utilize placeholder titles that he changes later in the creative process, especially when he has a greater idea of the story’s entire breadth. In reality, it is very usual for Araki to change the title of a new chapter between when it is announced and when it is released. The only prior title that has not been revised during production is Part 8’s JoJolion.

Hirohiko Araki has been working on the general outline for Part 9 for a while

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Araki is not a perfect writer, and he has a tendency to ignore little nuances. It is fairly uncommon for an author’s strategy to diverge from their initial vision. It might even be harmful to adhere too strictly to the original idea.

He is, however, very diligent, and he has gone so far, and sketches for Parts 7, 8, and 9 have already been prepared. Naturally, Araki’s initial idea for JoJolands might alter, but he already has a structure in place where he wishes the series to go.

It is possible that it may follow with characters from JoJolion

For almost a decade, fans had been anticipating the events of Part 8’s JoJolion, and it looked like there were still a lot of tales to be told. JoJolion’s conclusion is unexpected, and the saga’s last chapter takes an unusual method that does not accomplish anything to wrap up Part 8’s loose ends. In certain aspects, some feel JoJolands will be a direct successor to Part 8 in this regard. The last chapter also introduces Joseph Joestar, who might easily be the lead for JoJolands in this scenario.

It is possible that the plot will be set in Scotland’s Highlands

One of the reasons JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been so popular over the years is because various portions of the plot are set all over the globe, and the series does not stay inside Japan’s boundaries. Some of JoJo is set in Italy, England, and Florida, giving the impression that it might be anywhere. Araki has mentioned a desire to put a narrative in the Scottish Highlands or elsewhere in Northern Europe, which he may ultimately do in JoJolands. Araki has shown an interest in establishing another narrative in Italy, so maybe Part 9 will be set there as well.

It is unclear if it will have any ties to the upcoming Josuke & Hol Horse spin-off

As per gamerevolution, there is no shortage of JoJo content, with so much intriguing supplementary material like short novels that further build on the series’ character and mythology. The unveiling of JoJolands coincided with the introduction of the first original JoJo manga spin-off. Josuke from “Diamond is Unbreakable,” and “Hol Horse” will be the subject of this spin-off. It will be authored by Kouhei Kadono, who also penned the “Purple Haze Feedback” light novel, with artwork by Tasuku Karasuma of “No Guns No Life.” It is feasible that JoJolands will be linked to this new spin-off journey in some way, but it is too early to tell.

It is possible that Morioh will make an appearance

Through the several chapters of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hirohiko Araki has developed such complex worlds that it may be painful when the setting is fully abandoned for a new locale. Morioh, the poor neighborhood portrayed in Diamond is Unbreakable, is the most adored place in the JoJo series. In either Part 8 or Part 9, Araki has indicated an interest in going back to Morioh in some way. Part 8 features a reimagined Morioh, but it is not difficult for JoJolands to go further in this direction.