Jon Bon Jovi tests positive for COVID-19 just before giving a concert in Miami

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Jon Bon Jovi, vocalist and leader of the rock band “Bon Jovi”, tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). The American singer had to cancel his musical presentation last Saturday, October 30 in the city of Miami Beach, Florida.

This information was confirmed in the middle of a concert that the rocker had to perform with his band at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel on Saturday night.

“Jon feels fine, but he won’t be able to sing and will need rest”said a man from the Bon Jovi production in the middle of the show.

A video recorded by a reporter from the “7News” medium captured Jon Bon Jovi, who was surrounded by other security men, as he left the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. The musician walked normally and had a good demeanor.

Despite the absence of the leader of the group, the rest of the members of the band stayed on stage and played for the audience as scheduled.

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