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Jon Bon Jovi’s Emotional Tribute to Late Mother Carol Unveiled

Jon Bon Jovi shared heart-wrenching news about the passing of his mother, Carol Bongiovi, through an emotional Instagram tribute on Wednesday. The tribute included home videos of his family, accompanied by his performance of the song “Story of Love” from their 2020 album.

Carol Bongiovi passed away on Tuesday, just days short of her 84th birthday. In the poignant music video, the 62-year-old rock icon sings about the love and support he received from his parents, capturing his endless appreciation for them.

“Fathers love daughters like mothers love sons / They’ve been writing our story before there was one / From the day you arrive, ’til you walk, ’til you run / There is nothing but pride, there is nothing but love.” Jon captioned the post simply, “Momma, We carry you with us Always.”

Fans swiftly expressed their condolences in the comments, offering support to the grieving family.

In the statement accompanying Carol’s obituary, Jon shared, “Our mother was a force to be reckoned with, her spirit and can-do attitude shaped this family. She will be greatly missed.”

Carol, originally from Pennsylvania, led a remarkable life. She served as a Marine, pursued a career as a florist, and even appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine in her youth. She was a staunch supporter of her son’s career, going as far as founding the Bon Jovi fan club.

The ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ singer revealed in a 2020 interview with Big Issue that his parents’ unwavering support allowed him to pursue his rock star dreams. They let him perform in bars while he was still a student, as long as he was back in school by 8 am.

“What I got from my parents was the ability to make the dream reality. They always instilled that confidence in their kids which, in retrospect, I realize was so incredibly valuable,” Jon said. “Because even if you truly weren’t any good at your craft, if you believed you were, you could work on it. As I got older, I realized that was a great gift that I got from my folks.”

Jon fondly remembered the optimism and determination his parents encouraged, epitomized by the Kennedy-era belief that anything, even reaching the moon, was possible. “They truly believed in the John Kennedy mantra of going to the moon. ‘Yeah, of course you can go to the moon. Just go, Johnny.’ And there I went,” he reminisced.

Carol leaves behind her husband of 63 years, John Bongiovi Sr., two other sons, Anthony and Matthew, and eight grandchildren. The bond Jon shared with his family was evident throughout his career and life.

Jon credits his parents for instilling in him the perseverance and optimism that drove his legendary career. He explained how the culture of hope during John Kennedy’s presidency led his parents to foster an aspirational life for their children. “My parents married under that kind of hope and aspiration and they instilled it in their kids,” he noted. “It was brimming with optimism and belief in the opportunity that you could, in fact, achieve your dreams.”

The family has requested donations in Carol’s memory to be made to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, honoring the loving mother of three and her enduring spirit.

Source: Getty, Big Issue