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Jon Bon Jovi’s Mother, Carol Bongiovi, Passes Away at Age 83

Jon Bon Jovi’s mother, Carol Bongiovi, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 83, just days shy of her 84th birthday. The cause of her death has not been specified.

The iconic singer confirmed the news in a heartfelt statement released to People magazine on behalf of his family: “Our mother was a force to be reckoned with, her spirit and can-do attitude shaped this family. She will be greatly missed.”

Carol Bongiovi, born Carol Sharkey in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1940, moved to Sayreville, NJ, with her husband John Francis Bongiovi, whom she met while they were both serving in the Marines. Their son, future rock star Jon Bon Jovi, was born in 1962. Carol was a florist and one of the original Playboy bunnies.

According to Laura Jackson’s 2004 biography, Jon Bon Jovi: The Biography, Carol bought Jon his first guitar at the age of seven and continuously encouraged him to pursue his musical aspirations. She also founded Bon Jovi’s fan club, earning her the affectionate nickname “Mom Jovi.”

In a 2020 interview with The Big Issue, Jon Bon Jovi reflected on the impact his parents had on his life: “What I got from my parents was the ability to make the dream reality. Even if you truly weren’t any good at your craft, if you believed you were, you could work on it. As I got older I realized that was a great gift that I got from my folks. They truly believed in the John Kennedy mantra of going to the moon. ‘Yeah, of course you can go to the moon. Just go, Johnny.’ And there I went.”

The influence of his parents on his life and career is evident; for instance, Bon Jovi can be seen performing in front of a large photograph of his young parents in the video for the 2021 song “Story of Love.”

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