Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola: An ‘Exciting’ Marriage Revealed by the ‘Mad Men’ Star

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Jon Hamm: Marriage is Exciting and Full of Potential

(CNN) — Jon Hamm is thrilled to be a married man. “It’s exciting because everything is potential,” Hamm said on Tuesday’s episode of iHeartPodcasts’ “Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi” podcast, adding that marriage “It’s what leads to the next thing in life and that’s what I look forward to, it’s the journey and it’s exciting.”

Hamm recorded the podcast days before his wedding to actress Anna Osceola, whom he would have married on Saturday in the Big Sur area, on the central coast of California.

The Joy and Overwhelming Nature of Wedding Planning

Osceola and Hamm met in 2015 when they starred in “Mad Men” together, and were first romantically linked in 2020. Representatives for Hamm and Osceola have been contacted by CNN for comment on their Saturday wedding.

The actor, like most engaged people planning a wedding, also felt overwhelmed throughout the planning process, saying “all the minutiae of planning it and dealing with it they can be amazing.” Then, Hamm said, he had an “epiphany” while walking his dog.

Feeling Supported and Loved on His Wedding Day

“This kind of calm came over me,” he said, adding that this came when he realized “I’m going to look and I’m going to see this whole group of people… who are all there because they’re supporting me and Anna.” He went on to joke that the last time he looked at a crowd supporting him was at his high school graduation, or when he won an Emmy in 2015.

Embracing the Excitement of the Next Chapter

“Mad Men” shows the 1960s without hippies, without war or drugs “But this is not that”, clarified Hamm, adding that “this is the exciting part of life and it is a sign and an indicator of the next chapter and phase.” And that next phase? Hamm said he and Oscoela are still “undecided” if that next phase involves starting a family.

For now, the actor is focused on the bond he shares with his partner, saying he understands that marriage “gives you and your couple a feeling of stability and comfort and a capacity for identification that is better, deeper, richer”.

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