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Jonathan Jacob Meijer: Netflix’s The Man With 1,000 Kids Is Misleading

Much like the Netflix documentary “Our Father,” which gains credibility by interviewing the victims of Indianapolis-based fertility doctor Donald Cline, “The Man with 1,000 Kids” employs a similar approach. This documentary gives voice to the women who claim they’ve been negatively impacted by Jonathan Jacob Meijer. Some of the interviewees accused Meijer of being dishonest about the number of families he donated to. Others criticized his self-centered demeanor and strange behaviors. Consequently, many viewers expressed feelings of anger and disgust towards Meijer, as well as other sperm donors who claim to father dozens or even hundreds of children.

The series’ executive producer, Natalie Hill, has spoken out against Meijer’s rebuttal. “I’ve spent the last four years speaking to families who have been impacted by Jonathan’s lies. I’ve personally spoken to 45 or 50 families,” she explained in an episode of “Woman’s Hour.” Hill further elaborated that, “Fifty families made impact statements to the court about his lies and pleaded with the judge that he stop. So this continued platform for Jonathan to talk about it being a handful of women is completely untrue.”

If you’re interested in more content that delves into unsettling true-crime stories much like “The Man with 1,000 Kids,” there are several upcoming documentaries in 2024 that promise to offer similarly edgy and engaging narratives.

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