“Jonathan Majors Powerfully Defends Against Fresh Allegations – Read His Strong Response”

It was method acting: Jonathan Majors’ defense responds to new accusations

It’s not uncommon to hear of actors taking their characters to extremes, but somewhere the difference between fiction and reality has to be drawn. After new accusations of violent behavior were revealed, now on the sets of his most recent films, Jonathan Majors’ defense says that this was not the case, that his behavior was confused with that of his characters because it was method acting.

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After an extensive investigation that brought together two dozen people close to Jonathan Majors, Rolling Stone magazine published a report in which he exposed the alleged abusive and violent behavior of the actor both with his partners and in the sets of his films.

In response, the star’s lawyers claim that the rudeness of his behavior is explained not by his character, but by the method of acting that he implements in his career:

“The accusations that Mr. Marjos was physically violent or intimidating someone in any movie sets are just plain fake. Everyone who has worked with Mr. Majors knows that he employs an immersive method of acting and while this can be misconstrued as being rude at times, those who know Mr. Majors and have worked in the industry have attested to his dedication to the art as well.”

As you know, Majors was arrested in March for allegedly harassing and assaulting a woman who was his romantic partner. The charges will be contested in a trial that begins in August, and meanwhile, just this week he sued her for attacking him. To date, including the new accusations, the interpreter denies having ever been violent with anyone.

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The new accusations were revealed by the magazine and point out that he made a person cry and intimidated a person from the wardrobe department of the movie Honor Story (69%) and that the producers warned members of the Magazine Dreams team to stay away from him and that the participants in the production were afraid that he would cause them harm during filming.

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Can you excuse method acting? The consequences of this acting style, which seeks verisimilitude by creating or putting yourself in role-like circumstances to find the right emotions, have been debated in the industry. Particularly when an actor carries out actions that could be uncomfortable or outright violent for them. In the case of Majors, in Magazine Dreams he plays a man obsessed with bodybuilding who descends into violence and madness while preparing for a major competition.

It remains to be seen if even more emerge and if some of these witnesses do not end up being recruited by the prosecutors who will handle your next domestic violence case. After all, even if he walks free from that trial, the bad image could put a foot in his career. For now, he is expected to appear in the second season of Loki (96%) as Kang while Magazine Dreams, a film that debuted at Sundance, was also scheduled to premiere by the end of the year.

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