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Jordan and Layla Anchor Season 7

With Daniel Ezra exiting All American as a series regular and Samantha Logan possibly following him, the show is at a crossroads. Spencer and Olivia’s wedding has solidified their relationship, but the series now needs new anchors, and Jordan and Layla are perfect for this role.

Since season one, Layla and Jordan have been integral to All American. Their journey has been compelling, especially their budding romance introduced in season four. With Jordan preparing to step into his father’s shoes as a coach at South Crenshaw High School and mentoring the next generation, his role is crucial for bridging the gap between the show’s original premise and its future direction.

Layla’s career as a music producer adds another layer of interest. Her experience with Coop and Patience has taught her how to support her clients effectively. Layla’s Lounge has allowed her to make her mark on Crenshaw, a significant location in the series.

Jordan and Layla’s relationship could provide stability during this transitional period for the show. They represent not just the show’s beginnings but also its evolution and future potential. Now adults, they face challenges that come with maturity, including possibly starting a family.

Exploring a more adult portrayal of characters focused on building their professional lives and marriage adds depth to the series. If All American is gearing up for significant cast changes, with uncertainties around Coop and Patience, Jordan and Layla’s bond keeps the legacy of the series alive. The history of Billy Baker and the ups and downs of Spencer and Olivia’s relationship remain ingrained in the show through their journey.

Asher could also play a significant role in season seven, coaching at Beverly Hills High School and living in Crenshaw. It would be interesting to see Asher and Jordan as coaching rivals, each mentoring aspiring teenage football players.

Jordan and Layla possess the strength, humor, and charisma needed to drive the story forward. They are well-equipped to steer All American into its next chapter and whatever future challenges and adventures may come.

Source: Culturess