Jordi Alba: “If they tell us that they vaccinate us, then we vaccinate ourselves”

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Jordi Alba: "If they tell us that they vaccinate us, then we vaccinate ourselves"

Jordi Alba has granted an interview in which he has spoken of the situation that the Spanish team is experiencing with the positives of Sergio Busquets Y Diego Llorente placeholder image before the start of the Eurocup. With the resignation of ‘Busi’, the left back becomes the captain of the national team that he directs Luis Enrique.

It’s an unpleasant situation for anyone. What of Busquets It is a disgrace and I hope he is with us soon ”, the Spanish international began responding when he was questioned about the positives for coronavirus. «We are very calm and complying with all the rules. We must adapt to this situation and hope that there will be no more, “he added. Jordi Alba.

“From within we are complying with the rules. We are not amused that Busquets you have to go home for this matter, but there are things that do not depend on us, “he said. Jordi Alba. «There are things that are a bit scary and things that are not understood. Now we have to work in a different way, but there is a good atmosphere “, explained the left back of the Barcelona in statements to Radio Brand.

Jordi Alba related how it all happened. «They tell us that Busquets it’s positive and you have to go. From there, we send encouragement to Sergio“, started. «He is fine and eager to return. «Even taking care of yourself, it can happen to you. I hope that no more happens in the selection. We are in a screwed-up situation in society and we hope to face the Eurocup without talking about these things, “replied the new captain of Spain.

The left-back of the Spanish team also spoke about how they face the Eurocup. “To win it you have to have a good human group,” he reflected. “We are clear that what matters is to all go to one. Whoever plays, well, and whoever doesn’t, to support », he explained. Jordi Alba at the interview. “What I see I like a lot,” he commented on his feelings. They don’t see us as favorites, but I like what I see. You also need luck to win it, ”he added.

«We eat alone, we train alone and each one killing time as he wants and can. We cannot be together for now and it is what it is. I wish we could get together, but it doesn’t touch that. We are doing well, “he said. Jordi Alba. He also had words of gratitude to the footballers who are in the parallel bubble: «It is a great gesture that they come while on vacation. We thank them for the commitment.

Finally, before admitting that he liked the continuity of Ronald Koeman in the Barcelona, responded to the debate on vaccination. «We players have nothing to say. There are many opinions and they are respectable. If they tell us that they vaccinate us, then they vaccinate us. No, well no. We respect everything they tell us, “he concluded.

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