Jordi Martin Criticizes Gerard Piqué for Treatment of Shakira

Jordi Martin Criticizes Gerard Piqué for Treatment of Shakira

When Shakira said goodbye to Barcelona, ​​journalist Jordi Martin didn’t hold back in his criticism of her former partner Gerard Piqué. Martin has been following the details of their breakup closely and has shown unwavering support for the Colombian singer. He has referred to Piqué as arrogant and cited his infidelity as one of the reasons for Shakira’s pain during their 12-year relationship.

It’s not just about the cheating though. Martin has accused Piqué of being classist and racist, claiming that he and other Barcelona players mistreated Shakira. “They are racists who treated Shakira fatally. She has suffered a lot. They are arrogant and classist, and they look down on anyone,” he stated.

Piqué’s recent comments referring to Shakira as his “former Latin American partner” have also received criticism from Martin. In response, Martin questioned Piqué’s understanding of the term “Latin American” and reminded him that his own children have roots in the region.

It’s clear that Martin is firmly on Shakira’s side in this breakup, and his public condemnation of Piqué has only intensified in recent interviews. Shakira’s fans will undoubtedly appreciate Martin’s support during this difficult time.

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