Jorge Rey forecasts Easter weather to take a sudden turn

By: Dan Cooper

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The Question of Holy Week Weather

For many devotees of Holy Week, the weather at this time of year is a personal matter. It can make or break the experience. When the rains or inclement weather prevent the decorated thrones from parading, the pictures that are drawn are bleak. It has already been seen in other years. Brothers in tears because all the work, effort and determination of a whole year preparing for that day will finally be in vain.

Passionate Passion in Andalusia

In areas like Andalusia, Holy Week is a serious thing and it arouses passionate passions. For this reason, thousands are those who look at the sky with real fear that drops will begin to fall that crush the indicated party. Some choose to believe, and simply trust that everything will work out in the end. But there are more ominous.

Predictions from AEMET

The AEMET has called for calm. According to their latest data, there is little danger in most of the peninsular territory. The rains, if any, will be testimonial, weak and clearly located in very specific points. In fact, not only will there be no unexpected visit from intrusive drops, a sun of justice will come. Temperatures, in short, higher than normal at this time of year.

Predictions from a 16-Year-Old Boy

However, not everyone agrees with the AEMET’s diagnosis. There are those who are more likely to trust what is commonly known as “popular wisdom.” This other group listens carefully to a 16-year-old boy from Burgos named Jorge Rey. His technique for predicting the weather is known as “cabañuelas.” It consists of projecting the weather that he will do throughout the year based exclusively on the meteorology observed in the first 24 days of August.

Controversy Over Traditional Methods

Rey became especially famous for predicting, in January 2021, the arrival of Cyclone Philomena. However, the detractors of this type of practice constantly recall that the cabañuelas is a clear exponent of “pseudoscience” and that it lacks any solid basis. Despite the controversy, tradition still drags many people, and one of Rey’s last premonitions has been received with concern.

Premonition of Rain in April

According to Rey, “there will be a change” in the weather with the arrival of April, which will bring rains to almost all of Spain. This would imply that numerous processions could not show off and the participants would have to put on their Nazarene habits until next year. Something that would be a real tragedy for the members of the brotherhoods. In addition, directly contradicting the AEMET, the young man has denied that there will be such a marked increase in temperatures, and has called on his followers to “not keep their jackets”.

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