“José Alberto Castro Addresses Controversial Kiss with Mariana Seoane: The Truth Revealed”

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Sofía Castro, the eldest daughter of television producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, has spoken out about rumors regarding her father’s supposed romance with singer Mariana Seoane. The two made headlines after being photographed kissing on the mouth. However, Sofía has revealed that her mother, Angélica Rivera, is supportive of the potential relationship, stating that “my mom adores Mariana, she wants my dad to be happy.”

Despite the speculation, José Alberto has stated that he is currently in a partnership with someone else, Mimi Morales. He has also explained that the kissing was simply an expression of emotion related to Seoane’s professional success. “Mariana is a great woman, she is very pretty and very healthy,” he said, “but I am not free.”

The conversation then turned to controversy surrounding José Alberto’s sister, Vero Castro, who was accused of bewitching Yolanda Andrade and causing her health problems. José Alberto declined to comment on the matter but expressed good wishes for Andrade’s well-being, saying, “if she’s fine, it’s good, if it’s bad, I hope she recovers.”

It remains to be seen whether the rumors surrounding José Alberto and Mariana Seoane will develop into a romantic relationship, but Sofía’s comments suggest that the family is supportive either way.

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