“José Eduardo’s Heart-Wrenching Account of Learning About His Brother Vadhir’s Accident”

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José Eduardo Derbez Reflects on Brother’s Accident

José Eduardo Derbez recently reflected on the accidents his brother Vadhir had during the filming of “On a trip with the Derbez.” He became nostalgic and spoke about what it would feel like to lose a brother. In an interview with the Hoy program, the actor jokingly said, “Yes, wow, poor thing, it almost left us, but here it is, but here it continues…” However, as he reminisced about the moment of the tragedy, he revealed how difficult and distressing it was for him.

Finding Out About the Accident

José Eduardo Derbez was especially affected by the news of Vadhir’s accident because he was there when it happened. Alessandra, who stays at home with him, came down looking pale, and he knew that something bad had happened. Although he did not know the exact details, he feared the worst considering the high altitude Vadhir was flying.

“We couldn’t do anything at the same time, we didn’t have a car to get around, we didn’t know where they were, we had nothing, and leaving running in the middle of the jungle to see where we got to, we had no choice but to wait for them to tell us what was happening, until they told us that they heard his voice and already went for him,” he said.

Speculating about Life and Death

In the end, José Eduardo Derbez expressed his fear for the inevitable death of his brothers and himself. “I try not to think about it, but we’re all going there, there’s no other way, that’s why I even have my coffin, no (it’s true), but we’re all going there, so what you can’t save yourself from, let’s hope it’s old people, look, I even got the feeling, and let’s hope it’s old people and already adults,” he said.

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José Eduardo Derbez’s experience with Vadhir’s accident is a reminder that life is unpredictable and that we should cherish every moment we have with our loved ones. While we cannot control our fate, we can enjoy the present and be grateful for every day that we get to spend with our family and friends.

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