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Josh Homme’s Emergency Surgery Forces Queens of the Stone Age to Cancel Tour

Queens of the Stone Age recently announced the cancellation of eight European tour dates due to lead singer Josh Homme needing to return to the United States for emergency surgery.

In a social media post, the band expressed their regret over the cancellations, emphasizing that they were left with no other choice. The statement read, “QOTSA regret to announce that Josh Homme must return to the United States immediately for emergency surgery. Every effort was made to push through and play for you, but it is no longer an option to continue.”

The cancellations affect festivals in France and Slovakia as well as headline shows in Croatia and Greece. The group had previously called off their appearance at the AMA Festival in Italy on July 5 due to illness. The band’s website still lists dates for August shows in Europe and North American gigs running through November.

While the specifics of Homme’s surgery remain unclear, he has been candid about his health issues over the years. Last year, he disclosed a cancer diagnosis in 2022 and underwent surgery to have it removed.

In 2023, Queens of the Stone Age released “In Times New Roman…,” their first album in six years. Shortly thereafter, the group announced The End is Nero tour for North America, followed by a set of European dates. This year, the band also scheduled performances in Australia and North America, along with some of the European dates that they had to cancel.

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