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Josh Jacobs Children Controversy: How Many Kids Does he Have?

Josh Jacobs is a celebrated name in the National Football League. The 23-year-old was born on the 11th of February, 1998, to Lachelle Jacobs and Marty Jacobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Currently, he is known as the running back playing for the Oakland Raiders in the National Football League.

Graduated from McLain High School, where he achieved 5,372 yards and 46 touchdowns as a high school career points, Josh went on to the University of Alabama, and as a freshman, he split time with Bo Scarbrough and Damien Harris, rushing 85 times for 567 yards and four touchdowns. As a sophomore, Josh had 284 yards on 46 carries with one touchdown. Post the season, it was revealed that he had been playing on a broken ankle for most of the season. As a junior, Josh was named the MVP of the 2018 SEC Championship Game after rushing for 83 yards with two touchdowns. Since then, Josh has been enjoying a successful career life. However, some rumors about his personal life created a sensation among all his fans.

The Controversy About Josh Jacobs’ Children

Josh Jacobs has four children – three girls and a boy. Josh’s oldest daughter is Clara, Margo is the second daughter. Mollie is the third one and the youngest is Braxton, his son.

However, the NFL player recently entered the conversation when an unconfirmed report revealed that Las Vegas Raiders running back has several children as well.

The report reads as under:

“Josh Jacobs is one of our mascots. It’s an unwritten rule over here. So allegedly, Josh has eight kids with eight different women. We have reported before on his three kids that we were aware of, but there’s more. We reached out to Josh to get some answers, but no response. So, we did a little of our own digging and found his basketball roster, I mean baby mothers.”

The report continues:

“Now, these aren’t in any specific order, but allegedly these are the mothers of his kids. @jusfreeyurmind @taylorsemone @dess.tanii @allienyx @ogchelsss @summerrxo @hausofsunshine (who I am assuming deleted her page), and Janee, who doesn’t have an Instagram, but she has his first child Braxton. So, if I counted correctly, that’s 8. JOSH, IS IT AGAINST YOUR RELIGION TO PULL OUT? We need to have a sit-down.”

“ON THE TOP OF THE 8, a baby is allegedly on the way. So at this point, I am just going to go ahead and assume that Josh was trying to compete with Future, and he is now winning the race. CONGRATS JOSH, but have your people call my people because the tea is overflowing, and I can only hold this stuff, in for so long.”

This report created sensations all over the sports industry, and fans of Josh were shocked to read about this big reveal. It was posted on Instagram by Wags Unfiltered 2.0. Unfortunately, the report was deleted afterward, but by this time the damage was already done.

Later Samuel-Clement Enoku of BlackSportsOnline also published a story featuring a report alleging the 23-year-old athlete has as many as eight children with eight different women. Like the previous one, this source also claimed that Josh’s ninth baby is on his way.

Josh Jacobs had Something to Say

Jacobs has been having a pretty good year, he is producing good numbers. However, this kind of production off the charts got the NFL player by surprise. As a result, Jacobs caught wind of the story and responded:

“Lawyers about to have a field day with this one.”

The NFL player took his official Twitter account and posted this tweet on the 7th of December, 2021. Sounds like he has had enough of these allegations, and he is not so amused.

Considering all these allegations that can be harmful to a player’s reputation, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see the NFL player bury these claims so hastily. Time and again, he has denied the truth to these allegations.

When Josh Jacobs Played with a Heavy Heart Recently

Josh played with a heavy heart and on about four hours of sleep in his recent match. Reportedly, he has been back home in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his ailing father, Marty, who underwent emergency heart surgery. His 6-year-old son Braxton was the one who found Marty in distress and called for help.

“My son and my dad are like best friends, you see one you see the other. Man, I am just happy my son is really smart enough to understand what’s going on in that situation and my pop said he is his hero.”

According to reports, Josh returned to Vegas on a private jet after Marty work up and told him he should play in the season finale against Kansas City Chiefs. He shared:

“I wasn’t going to come back. To me, family is always before anything, especially with the severity of what’s currently going on. This was probably the hardest game I have ever played. Not in a sense of physical, just mentally trying to stay in it. Being on the sideline and having too much time to think, think about what’s going on and think about stuff and being the rock of your family is never easy when the person that’s your rock is going through it.”

Josh is scheduled to become a free agent this offseason. But his long-term future is not on his mind.

“That’s all I am caring about right now, trying to be there for my dad, but also my son. For my son to go through that experience without anybody being there, I tried to explain to him that he did good. He was thinking that he did something wrong. Just been a rough time.”

With the coming end of the Raiders’ season, Josh said he planned to return to Oklahoma as early as possible.

“I just wanted to be there for him. Let him know that he had my support. Let him know that he is a fighter. That we love him, and we got him.”

What is Josh Jacob’s Net Worth?

As of November 2022, the estimated net worth of Josh Jacobs is a whopping $8 million. Reportedly, he earned a bonus of $6,698,836 and $11,933,398 as a part of the Las Vegas Raiders, with his most recent bill per year being $2,983,350.

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