Josimar: Young man who revealed meeting with the singer reveals that production of “Magaly TV: La Firme” gave him money

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Diana Noriega starred in several headlines last week after confessing in “Magaly TV: The Firm”Who had an encounter with josimar during your stay in the United States.

However, it was known that the 21-year-old girl would have asked for money to the production of Love and firein exchange for giving an interview to talk about the salsero.

The program of Willax Tv showed a conversation with Noriega and wanted to charge them $ 800, but pointed out that production of Magaly medina gave him 900 dollars.

“How much are we talking about? Wait, I’m with my manager. Magaly gave me 900 and I will not accept anything less than that, 800 dollars. Honestly I did not accept anything less, but you 800 … The deposit has to be before “he commented on the video call.

However, one of the details that attracted attention was that the young woman offered to exaggerate what happened with the salsero. “Yes, you tell me, I do. To the extreme “, assured the young woman with a laugh.

It should be noted that last week, Noriega told Medina that he had an intimate encounter with josimar and that he would even have paid her a few whims.

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