Jospeh Gordon-Levitt on joining Affleck and Keaton’s Batman

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played Robin in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, spoke about a possible return.

The Flash is one of the most anticipated productions of the DC Extended Universe. The film will show the scarlet sprinter solo on the big screen for the first time, so there are some doubts and a lot of emotion. With Ezra Miller As the protagonist, the corridor is not the only great promise of this project. On the contrary, the fact of having two versions of Batman has fans very curious.

Michael Keaton Y Ben Affleck agreed to once again don the ‘Caped Crusader’ suit, one at each Earth. It should be noted that this duality will occur because Barry Allen will open the Flashpoint by traveling to the past to try to save his mother and get his father out of prison.

The Flash could witness a fight between the two Batman

However, as far as is known, the detective from Gotham he will be alone, since the appearance of Robin or another ally is not expected. Nevertheless, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who gave life to ‘Boy Wonder’ in Batman: The Dark Knight The Legend Rises spoke of the possibility.

The actor played John Blake, a police officer who, after helping the hooded man, receives the cloak from his partner.

Faced with the future release of The Flash, the interpreter was very animated and more so if you talk about returning to the DCEU. “That is a very, very funny question.”he said when questioned about it. “I think it would be great. It isor it sounds great “, he expressed.

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The problem is that wanting is not power and it seems that he is not even aware that there are plans with him again. “I have no idea. I am, to be perfectly honest, completely out of touch with everything you just said. “added.

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