Journey of Kevin Samuels: From Chemical Engineer to Social Media Influencer

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Social media has changed the definition of influencers. The platform has given a chance to each and every person of us to be out of the box. The platform has assigned the name and fame to the people through which they are now in the position of leading millions of people through their ropeway.

Social media platforms have come into the picture during corona times. Earlier, people only used it as an entertainment platform. But after the pandemic hits the floor, people use the public appearance for knowledge. Kein Samuels is one such personality. Let us know more about him in the further article. 

Who Is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Roshon Samuels was born on 13 March 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born into a middle-class family which was facing family issues. He has seen the worst phase of his parent’s relationship. After some years of his birth, they both parted ways. In an interview with the press, he accepted that he was close to his mother rather than his father. 

Journey of Kevin Samuels: From Chemical Engineer to Social Media Influencer

After the divorce, he moved to Oklahoma with his mother. Though he was born in Atlanta, he was never fascinated by the place because of his haunted memories of his father. He was brought up in Oklahoma. He started high school at Millwood High school. He was admitted to one of the prestigious universities of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma for further studies. 

He had received an engineering degree in chemical engineering from the university. Though he had an engineering background, media culture always fascinated him. Later in life, he built his career in the media rather than the engineering side. 

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Kevin Samuels Career

Journey of Kevin Samuels: From Chemical Engineer to Social Media Influencer

After completing the chemical engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma, Kevin Samuels started his career with a job. He worked in the chemical industry as a business manager and consultant. Because of his talent for drawing an audience, he was also associated with the advertising affairs of the company. His ideas attracted a large audience for the company and gave a benefit to them. 

In office depot, he worked in the same post for more than three years. In 2009 he thought of changing his line from office to social media platforms. In 2009 he joined super media, which is a media-based group. He worked as an internet sales agent in the group and managed their complete sales through the internet. He also worked in an advertising department in the same company to make the brand more alluring. 

Other than that, he also worked in the real yellow pages. Actual Yellow pages was also an advertising firm in 2013. He has excellent skills in bringing the audience to the company. His talent made him the star and most crucial asset for the company. From here, he was confident of getting something of his own on the floor. 

Kevin Samuels Journey To Youtube 

On 20 May 2015, he took a step for himself to give a kick start to his journey. On the same day, he made his youtube channel. But he took his time to understand the market, and finally, in 2016, he entered the YouTube world. 

He started making motivational videos and fashion and life lessons on his youtube channels. He started receiving public views, and his videos started getting famous. More views have increased his name’s fame and made him a youtube sensation. He also gave advice and lessons to companies and brands to increase their worth and improve their business. 

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He owns his showroom with the lifestyle and style of Kevin Samuels. There he used to give lessons on social issues and life. After going to the social platform, those interested can visit their office for further consultations. He is a strong pillar for many companies and has gained a reputation in the market. 

Kevin Samuels And His Career Switches 

Kevin entered the working world in a variety of sales roles. For several years he worked at office depot as their business development manager. Afterwards, he switched jobs and worked as a business development manager for two years. He was the pillar of the Supermedia company. In 2011 he left the company to start something new of his own. 

In actual yellow pages, he worked in the advertising and marketing firm. From there, his career in the consultancy starts shaping in a positive direction. His appearance came to notice. He already went into the picture at that time for his tailored suits. His final face came into view when he was working on a pr project for an attorney toward becoming the judge. 

At the time of the attorney, when they were preparing an interview for the state’s governor, she turned to Kevin and sent him to prepare for her interview. He gave her a supportive hand. He accompanied him to the high-end fashion store. He picked an entire ensemble for her interview. At the end of her experience, she was pleased by their hospitality of Kevin. She loved all the styles carried out by her, which Kevin picked.

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At that time, Kevin knew that this was what he loved about it. He is passionate about fashion and his fashion sense. He knows how to handle people and bring the best out of them. He has realized that he needs to switch careers to be out of the box for himself. Kevin left the yellow pages behind and established his image consultancy firm in Atlanta, Georgia. 

After moving to Atlanta, he began advising the customers from a personal level to a professional level. He became a brand integration and an interview coach under his banner name of image consultancy. When his expression and brand started exploring, he began to include women and business in his consultancy. He designed signature looks for his clients. 

After doing everything offline, he started taking his firm to online platforms. The idea booms very fast. After a brief period, he became one of the significant American influencers of the time. He began to create his channel on youtube and upload videos daily. He offered his core knowledge in topics like social issues and relationship courses. 

Kevin Samuels’s Net Worth

He is estimated to have around 4 million US dollars net worth. Most income comes from youtube, image consultancy, dating coach expert life, and many others. He is a big name in the industry. He has a million followers and a hearty fan following. He has reached a high level on youtube. His talent took him to great heights. 

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