Who is Jovi Nicole Engbino? Know the Details

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Manti Te’o’s scandalous catfishing episode gathered a lot of controversy, but he didn’t want a chapter to define his entire story. In the years following the scandal, he finally found his forever in Jovi Nicole Engbino. The duo is happily married.

So, who is Jovi Nicole Engbino? Read this article till the end to find out.

Who is Jovi Nicole Engbino?

Jovi was born on the 15th of January, 1988, in Hawaiian, Filipino. She is a Japanese citizen and has a mixed ethnicity. The exact identity of her parents remains unknown. Reportedly, her father is Japanese, while her mother is Filipino. She is not the only child of her parents and has a younger brother, and Jovi often keeps sharing his photos and videos on her Instagram.

The details about her early life and former education remain scarce on the internet. Reportedly, Nicole has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from Arizona State University. She bagged her degree in 2007.

When did Jovi and Te’o Meet?

Reportedly, their paths crossed in 2016. But how the two happen to meet remains a mystery. In 2013, Te’o was involved in a catfishing scandal. It was revealed that his then-alleged girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, never existed in the first place. The picture he claimed belonged to a 22-year-old Californian girl who claimed to have met the star.

It was later revealed that he had been catfished by three individuals, including an acquaintance of the NFL linebacker. In the following year, Jovi herself was arrested and charged with drug possession. As a result, she had to spend 14 months in custody.

When Did Jovi and Te’o Get Married?

While the details about how the two met remain unknown, they dated for five years before finally exchanging vows in 2020. The duo engaged in February 2020. Jovi shared a video on her Instagram where Te’o asks her, ‘Will you marry me?’ The video is captioned ‘We’re ENGAGED’. The couple first went public with their romance on social media in 2015.

After their short engagement, the duo decided to take a step up and got married in August 2020. The wedding was an intimate ocean-side ceremony that took place in La Jolla, California. Te’o took his social media to announce the happy news to his fans.

“I couldn’t give you the world, but I think I did better…I gave you my last name, and it looks good on you Mrs. Te’o”, he shared in a caption, along with a few wedding photographs.

Jovi herself posted with a caption, “Yesterday I got to meet my best friend and the love of my life in an intimate beach ceremony. Although this was not how we envisioned our ceremony, it was perfect. We will be having our reception and celebration when Temples and venues open back up so we can share this special occasion with our families, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

The Couple Welcomed Two Children

The relationship between the two has been growing stronger ever since. The couple welcomed first child together. On the 12th of August, 2021, their first daughter Hiromi ‘Hiro’ Te’o was born. Te’o shared the news of the baby’s arrival on Instagram and wrote:

“Forever grateful for my wife. Thank you for bringing our little girl into this world. You are my hero. I love you. Hiro, Daddy loves you, and I am so grateful and excited to be your dad. I love you, my baby girl.”

A year later, just a few days after celebrating Hiro’s first birthday, Te’o announced that the couple was expecting a son. The news was further confirmed by Jovi on Instagram. On the 16th of January, 2023, the couple welcomed their son, Kyro Aumua Te’o. The happy mother shared another post:

“Welcome my little King. We’ve been waiting for you.” Te’o’s commented, “Love you, babe!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!.”

Jovi Graduated Nursing School While Enjoying Pregnancy and Motherhood

Besides making the most of her personal life, Jovi ensured to fulfill her career dreams too. From May 2021 to January 2023, she completed an accelerated nursing program. It was the same time when she welcomed her two babies. Jovi documented her journey on Instagram with her fans.

“The past 20 months have been crazy, to say the least. We moved from San Diego to Utah, where I immediately started an accelerated RN program while pregnant with our firstborn, Hiromi. I took second-semester finals in the hospital the day after I gave birth. I have spent hundreds of hours in Zoom classes, clinicals, and labs. Met some amazing friends along the way. Sacrificed lots of vacations and family time to study for exams and pass-offs. Gave birth to my second child Kyro a week before graduation. What a wild ride!”

Jovi also thanked Te’o for pushing her to finish even when she felt like giving up.

What is Jovi Nicole Engbino’s Profession?

At the beginning of the year, Jovi took her Instagram and shared that she joined Salt Lake City’s LUXX Medical Spa & Wellness team as a cosmetic injector. The woman has been working as an aesthetician ever since. This career milestone marks her professional debut in the beauty cosmetic world.

In addition, Jovi also identifies as a fitness trainer and social media model. She keeps posting videos on fitness and beauty on her official Instagram account. The boss babe earns her income through specialized and personalized fitness regimens for paying clients. She also utilizes TikTok to monetize her videos and posts.

What is Jovi Nicole Engbino’s Net Worth?

Reportedly, Jovi Nicole Engbino’s net worth is $500k, whereas her husband’s estimated net worth is a whopping $2.5 million.

Can I Follow Jovi Nicole Engbino on Instagram?

Yes, you can follow Jovi on Instagram. Her official handle is @jovi.nicole, and she has a following of a whopping 68k users.  

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