Joy Behar’s Net Worth: Here’s Everything to Know

Joy Behar is a famous American comedian, TV host, actress, and writer. She has been co-hosting the ABC daytime talk show, The View, for a long time now. In the show, Behar is the only original panelist who marks regular appearances. 

Her celebrated career includes many achievements for the stars, strengthening her bank balance year after year. Want to know the total net worth of Joy Behar? Read this article till the end to find out. 

Early Life of Joy Behar 

Behar was born Josephine Victoria Occhiuto in 1942 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She is the only child of a Roman Catholic family of Italian descent. Her mother, Rose, was a seamstress, and her father, Gino Occhiuto, was a truck driver for Coca-Cola. 

After completing her education, Behar began her career in show business in the early 1980s as a receptionist and later a producer on the show called Good Morning America. During the heydays of her career, she also practiced stand-up comedy, making appearances on ABC’s Good Morning America and The New Show, a short-lived Lorne Michaels NBC project. Her career went on growing since then, and in 1987 she hosted a variety talk show on Lifetime Television called Way Off Broadway. The show included Larry David as a writer and performer. She later joined the ABC daytime talk show and earned a massive fan following from then onward. 

Behar’s Career with The View 

Behar joined the ABC daytime talk show, The View, in 1997 as one of the original panelists. The show was co-created by Barbara Walters. In the beginning, Behar appeared originally on the days when Walters was off, and in no time, she became a permanent co-host.

In August 2009, Behar, with her co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Barbara Walters, and Sherri Shepherd, won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show. The spree continued, and the show constantly found nominations under the different categories of some prestigious awards. 

Following some circumstances, Behar had to depart from the show for a few months in 2013. But she didn’t completely withdraw herself from it. Behar continued to guest co-host throughout the coming years. In August 2015, the channel announced that she would return as a regular co-host beginning with the premiere of the 19th season of the View, on the 8th of September, 2015. 

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Has Joy Behar Been a Part of Other Television Shows? 

Yes, Behar has also been a part of other shows. In 2007, she occasionally filled in as a guest host on Larry King Live. After two years, she announced that she would host her own news/talk program called The Joy Behar Show. Even though Behar released her own show, she did not part ways from The View and worked on both simultaneously. 

Besides this, she worked hard on her short-lived weekly late-night talk show called Late Night Joy, which premiered on TLC on the 4th of November, 2015. Each of its episodes featured Behar having intimate conversations with her kin in her New York City Apartment. 

What is Joy Behar’s Net Worth? 

Joy Behar is known for putting her heart and soul into her professional life. No wonder she enjoys a handsome net worth out of her celebrated career. If the sources are to be believed, Joy Behar’s total net worth is a whopping $40 million. Some sources say that the TV host enjoys more than what is stated. 

Under her current employment contract with ABC, Behar earns $3 million a year. Apart from this, she is also eligible for an additional $500,000 bonus salary per year. As a regular panelist on the show, she charges a handsome amount from the channel and the channel doesn’t mind fulfilling her demand.

What do Joy Behar’s Assets Include? 

With a handsome net worth, Behar lives a luxurious life. She has an 11,500-square-foot apartment situated in New York City. Recently, she has also gifted herself an apartment with an estimated price tag of $9 million. 

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The female has a history of buying and selling houses around New York City. For instance, one of the reports claimed that the TV host bought an Upper West Side apartment for a whopping $2.4 million in 2017 and later sold it for $3.28 million. 

Her current come is a 100-year-old mansion in The Hamptons, and she loves to live there. Behar once said, “I love it, and I don’t ever want to leave this house. It feels real. I feel like a real resident of the Hamptons.” 

More Information on Joy Behar’s Assets 

Joy Behar knows how to splurge money in the right places. Besides her five real estate properties, she owns seven cars and one luxury yacht. 

Her portfolio also includes Cash Reserves of more than $9 million. Reportedly, Behar also owns an investment portfolio of 12 stocks valued at $8 million. Some stocks owned by her include Ford Motor Company, Intel, Netflix, General Motors, and Starbucks

How Many Cars does Joy Behar Have? 

The lady loves automobiles and has an extensive collection of expensive and luxurious cars. Recently, Behar bought a Ferrari F8 for $590,000. She also spent a whopping $185,000 on buying a Volvo XC90. Other cars she own include Bugatti Divo, Tesla Model Y, Mercedes Benz AMG GT, and McLaren 720S.

Lesser-Known Interesting Things about Joy Behar 

  • Besides being a co-host for many years, Behar has authored two children’s books namely, SheetzuCacaPoopoo: My Kind of Dog and SheetzuCacaPoopoo 2: Max Goes to the Dogs. 
  • She has written and starred in her own one-woman show called Me, My Mouth, and I. Currently, Behar is writing a play and planning to cast professional actors in it. 
  • Behar is fond of crosswords and does the New York Times crossword daily. 
  • She first met Barbara Walters when she was doing her stand-up at Milton Berle’s birthday party at the Waldorf Astoria. 
  • There is another feather in Joy Behar’s cap. She is an excellent cook. She makes fabulous lasagna. 
  • Joy Behar is the longest-running co-host on The View. She is in no mood of leaving it.
  • When she left the show temporarily in 2013, Tony Bennet sang, “Kiss the good life goodbye!” for her. 
  • In one of the most bizarre sets of facts, Behar was one of the first to run her hand through Donald Trump’s hair on the TV to see if it was real. 
  • Joy Behar was ordained online for five bucks and officiated a gay wedding. 
  • At present, Behar is 80 years old and aging like fine wine. 
  • In 1965, Behar married Joe Behar, a university professor. After a 14-year marriage during which the couple had one child, they parted ways in 1981. She kept her husband’s last name and retained custody of her child. She later began a relationship with Steve Janowitz. The couple then married in 2011. 
  • Joy Behar is also known for her strong support of the Democratic Party. 
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