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Joy Corrigan’s Eye-Popping Sheer Top Steals the Show in Los Angeles

Joy Corrigan Flaunts Her Figure in Head-Turning Outfit

Joy Corrigan, the Victoria’s Secret model, recently made a bold fashion statement during a night out with her friends in West Hollywood. The paparazzi captured the glamorous model at Craig’s, the top restaurant among celebrities, in a stunning and revealing outfit.

The ensemble consisted of an asymmetrical tank top with an irregular neckline, paired with a barely buttoned skirt that highlighted her sharp hips. These translucent garments from the 8 Other Reasons brand made Joy’s belly and legs look amazing. To complete the look, she accessorized with a baggy black dress jacket, black platform boots, a brown clutch bag with gold details, and stunning gold jewelry.

Joy Corrigan Visits Craig’s

Joy highlighted her natural beauty with subtle makeup and styled her blonde hair in a tight bun parted in the middle. She posed seductively toward the cameras, showcasing her modeling talents. After flaunting her figure, she joined a group of high-profile friends, including her boyfriend, Ted Shanik.

Joy Corrigan’s Exercise and Nutrition Routine

According to Women Fitness, Joy Corrigan achieved her stunning figure through daily routines focused on exercise and nutrition. Every morning, she wakes up at the same time, drinks a glass of water, and meditates. She then works on her agenda for the day and drinks organic coffee.

For exercise, Joy works on stretches, push-ups, and basic yoga exercises in addition to resistance and muscle-strengthening activities. After the workout, she replenishes her energy with organic berry smoothies, almond butter, frozen acai, spinach, celery, cucumber, protein, and collagen.

In an interview with Magazine, Joy revealed that there’s no single secret to a lean midsection. It comes from consistent healthy eating while limiting processed foods as much as possible and hard work. Her stunning figure is a testament to her dedication and discipline.


Joy Corrigan left nothing to the imagination as she stepped out in a revealing outfit for a night out with her friends. Her stunning fashion statement has once again highlighted her modeling skills and brought the paparazzi out in full force. Her dedication and discipline towards her exercise and nutrition routines have cemented her status as a successful swimsuit and lingerie model.

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