Juan and Lupillo Rivera: why the brothers still can’t get over their fight

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Juan and Lupillo They are members of one of the most controversial and famous families in Mexico: the Rivera. They are both younger brothers of the late singer Jenni Rivera and like her they have carved out a career in the music industry. Despite being united by the same passion, artists have been estranged for many years.

Regional music interpreters have starred in more than one controversy due to the exchange of words they have had; however, his followers do not lose hope of seeing them united. But, what is the reason behind their rivalry. Know all the details, in the following lines.

Last May, the enmity between Lupillo and Juan Rivera revived and eliminated the chances of a reconciliation. According to Juan, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend is the one who has caused the conflicts, even humiliating him on more than one occasion. But the “Major League Baseball” interpreter would not only have offended his brother, but also the rest of his family.

In an interview with the programJuan confessed that between him and Lupillo there is no type of relationship, but only negative feelings, this because of the attitude that the 49-year-old singer has had towards him. The only way the Riveras could be at peace would be for the older brother to start respecting him.

There is anger and resentment for things that have already happened, but as I have said, if my carnal respects me enough not to mention me or give hints, there is no quarrel, I keep quiet. That is, Lupe is 50, I am 43, we are men, we are mature and well, as I told my nephews, if they don’t want me to answer, then don’t mention me “said the husband of Brenda Rivera.

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According to the youngest of the clan, what gives him the most courage is that Lupillo speaks ill of him by throwing hints, causing him to respond and create a tense atmosphere in the family. Likewise, the musician revealed that conflicts are common in the clan, even before Jenni passed away:

It is not the first time that there are problems in the family, it won’t be the last time. Jenni had these family problems. We are an ordinary family ”, express.

Although in 2020 the brothers maintained a good relationship, getting to work together, this did not last long. It was on Brenda Rivera’s birthday that the singers started a fight, ending the bond they had built. Some of the expressions that Lupillo would have launched are “Trash”, “black sheep”, “useless” and “shit”, which is why Juan feels humiliated.

“He came to want to fight me on Brenda’s birthday. Yelling at me, offending me and since I have never raised my hand to my carnal and even defended him as far as I could, he knows he can do that. He told me a lot of things and I kept quiet “, revealed the singer on his account Instagram.

After the altercation, the ex-husband of Mayeli Alonso contacted his brother through a lawyer; However, this act infuriated Juan, who preferred to discuss the matter directly and alone. Despite the offenses received, the singer of “Personal Escort” He assured that he would not speak more about the bad relationship they have, this in order not to bother his mother, who is the most affected.

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The artist Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash when she was traveling, along with six people, from the Monterrey International Airport to Mexico City. That December 9, 2012, after having finished a concert at the Monterrey Arena in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, she left in a private plane to the capital of the Aztec country to appear in the program “La voz”, where she was a jury .

Apparently, everything was going well. She and her companions boarded the private ship at 3:00 a.m. Learjet 25 model with registration number N345MC, which would land at 4:30 a.m. at the Adolfo López Mateos International Airport in Toluca, but this never happened.

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