Juan Carlos Pallarols, the goldsmith chosen by presidents, kings and collectors

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Juan Carlos Pallarols He is the son and grandson of silversmiths, sixth generation of a line of goldsmiths She was born in Barcelona in 1750. Kings, princes and presidents arrive at her workshop in San Telmo. Also collectors, tourists and business people. For example, Máxima Zorreguieta, who drew before him the presentation tray of the rings for his wedding. The artist keeps many treasures, such as a small personal card of the King of Spain. On the back it has written “Juan Carlos” and his cell phone number in ink. It was written with a silver pen whose texture imitates a weave of rawhide leather, one of the exclusive designs that Pallarols has made for the Dupont firm in Paris.

His most famous and significant works are the presidential batons. Until 1983, it was made with malacca cane, solid gold details and tassels. With the return of democracy, the new president Raúl Alfonsín preferred the model proposed by Pallarols over the European style that previous presidents and dictators had used. Since then, they have been made with urunday, an incorruptible noble and creole wood, endowed with an excellent grain and particular shine.

In addition to hammered one-piece tureens, chiseled and engraved by hand, trays, plates, facones, knives, mattes and liturgical art, in 1982 Pallarols made a chalice with which John Paul II performed the Mass for Peace in Buenos Aires. During the papacy of Benedict XVI, the Holy See commissioned him the papal chalice and made a new one for Pope Francis that had the participation of more than 15 million people who contributed their mark with a light hammer of only 4 grams on a varnish of sealing wax.

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One of her favorite pieces is the Rose of Peace, completed in 2017 and made with war material from the Falklands War in homage to the heroes of the South Atlantic Gestation. He melted the bullets that were fired and designed it as an offering to the fallen in combat. The Rose was donated to the Argentine Air Force and remains on display in the central hall of the Condor Building.

“We never repeat a work”says the goldsmith and continues his work with the same techniques and tools that have been preserved for centuries, surrounded by his officers, apprentices and students. And also by his son Adrián who is going to continue the family saga.

Pallarols is famous throughout the world: he participated in many international exhibitions such as the Argentine Pavilion in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Seville and Tokyo. In 1996 the Deliberative Council of the City of Buenos Aires declared him an Illustrious Citizen for his career and his participation in Argentine culture. He is 78 years old.

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