Juan Lladó, president of Técnicas Reunidas, affirms that the company has entered a new stage of growth

Juan Lladó, president of Técnicas Reunidas, affirms that the company has entered a new stage of growth

Juan Lladó, President of Gathered Techniques, has assured in the General Shareholders’ Meeting of the company, held today by telematic means, that “we are already observing and we are witnesses of a serious recovery of the market; and, therefore, it is time for our company to strengthen itself and present itself in the best conditions to take advantage of the new stage of growth that is already here ”.

The first manager of Técnicas Reunidas has supported this statement in two fundamental factors: in general, in the recovery of consumption and, as a consequence, of energy prices that has already begun to be registered in international markets, with a multiplication by four of the Brent price since March 2020 and a 300% and 100% increase in the prices of natural gas demand in Asia and natural gas production in USA, respectively; and, in particular, with regard specifically to Técnicas Reunidas, in the important awards obtained by the company in recent months and in the good prospects offered by its “pipeline” of new projects.

Lladó has underlined that the company has won five strategic awards in recent months totaling about 2,100 million euros: Sasa in Turkey, Orlen in Poland, Gazpromneft in Russia, Global Industrial Dynamics in the Netherlands and the expansion of the Tuban project with Pertamina and Rosneft in Indonesia. A “pipeline” of 50,000 million euros In turn, the projects already offered or in the process of being offered by the company, that is, its “pipeline” of opportunities identified and specific, currently amounts to 50,000 million euros.

From them, more than 30,000 million consist of plants for the generation of clean fuels and petrochemical developments; some 18,000 million, in natural gas treatment projects, which is essential as a transition product to achieve the objectives of decarbonization; and the remaining almost 3,000 million euros “correspond to projects framed in the pure energy transition: hydrogen, biofuels, CO2 capture … Real projects, with a present and a future of which we are already part because we are obtaining important awards in this area”.

An important “carry-over effect” on the Spanish business fabric

The President of Gathered Techniques has highlighted that an essential factor on which the company’s high competitiveness in international markets is based is the proven capacity and great talent of the “more than 7,500 professionals of the company, in continuous training, who design, manage, buy and they make sure that the construction of our plants is carried out in accordance with our design, our quality and with the highest safety requirements ”.

In particular, he highlighted that Técnicas Reunidas is a center of excellence for technology, engineering and training in Spain from which projects are developed for the main energy companies in the world, among which those dedicated to decarbonisation and transition have a growing weight. energetic; and it is also an important gateway to the labor market, since 72% of the more than 700 graduates who have obtained scholarships from the company in the last five years have ended up joining it.

Juan Lladó has closed his speech by expressly mentioning the commitment of Gathered Techniques with the Spanish business fabric, since “if we manage purchases from here, from Spain, it is logical that we also choose the closest suppliers, those we trust the most; that is to say, to Spanish suppliers ”. As a consequence of this, the “carry-over effect” of the company, that is, its purchases from other Spanish companies represent an average of more than 700 million euros a year in exports and supplies.

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