Juan López and Jenni Rivera Life: a turbulent and incomplete love story

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After his marriage to American singer Jenni Rivera, Juan Lopez became Sydney acquainted with the limelight. The world bid farewell to Jenni in 2012. But, the recent death of her ex-husband Juan Lopez again shed light on how a turbulent marriage these two people from different worlds had.

Juan López and Jenni Rivera Life: a turbulent and incomplete love story
Juan Lopez and Jenny Rivera with theri daughter

Jenni Rivera’s posthumous autobiography “Unbreakable, My Story Told My Way” offered more insider details about how Juan and Jenni met, and their lives changed forever.

From being a simple baseball coach to a convicted drug addict, the life of Juan Lopez was no less than a dramatic movie. Here are some details about the life of Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera.

Juan Lopez, early life

Juan Lopez, aka Juan Manuel Lopez Padro, was a simple guy from a regular American-Mexican family. He was born on 17th March 1972. Even though he was born in Nayarit, Mexico, his family migrated to the USA during his childhood, and they took US citizenship and started to live in Los Angeles.

Nothing much is known about his early life, including his schooling details and other education details.

But, he was a good sportsman as he took the job of a private baseball coach for children and teenagers. He was associated with different teams and schools during his career.

Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera meeting

 Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera married in 1995. At that time, Jenny was a regular singer in a simple LOS Angeles bar that Juan frequented. The singer was not famous and hence had to sing in the bar to make some extra earnings.

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Jenny was divorced from her first husband, and the two hit it off instantly. Their romance was intense, and they two were deeply in love.After two years of dating, the singer and Lopez tied their knot in 1995.

The turbulant marriage and divorce

 Even though Jenny and Juan were married, their love story had a somewhat rocky start. After a few weeks of the marriage, Juan Lopez was convicted of smuggling undocumented migrants from Mexico to the USA. He was sentenced to six months in prison. It is speculated that Juan Lopez started smuggling drugs and undocumented migrants to earn more money in a short period.

But, at that time, Jenni Rivera stood by him and supported him morally. Finally, after six months, he came out of jail, and the newly married couple resumed their marriage.

Juan López and Jenni Rivera Life: a turbulent and incomplete love story
File photoes of Juan and Jenny

In 1997, their daughter Jenica was born. Jenica is already famous as an actress and a Youtuber. Three years later, the couple welcomed their son Johnny Rivera Lopez, a singer and actor.

Jenny Rivera has claimed that she was not satisfied and happy in the marriage. Juan Lope became a drug-addicted person instead of a successful coach. He stopped getting work and indulged in extramarital affairs. In her autobiography “Unbrekable: My Story, My Way“, Jenny wrote that she felt devastated when Juan’s infidelity came to light and that she was broken.

But she tried to save their marriage and give it one last chance. One day, she visited Juan at his work and planned to talk with him about their marriage. Instead, they had a heated argument about Juan’s extramarital affair and asked for his lover’s name.

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The relationship went downhill from there, and the couple initially separated. Jenny was devastated inside. But her best friend Marisela Vallejos Felix advised her to move away from Juan to live a life free of any negative influences.

In 2003, the couple divorced when their daughter was six years old and their son was two years old.

Juan Lopez, after the divorce

 After the divorce, Juan stopped being involved in the life of Jenny and the kids. But, he continued his smuggling career. In 2007, he was again arrested for smuggling drugs and allowing illegal immigrants access to the USA. The California Police Department charged him with different sections for selling and possessing drugs and drug addiction. Juan was sentenced to six years for his crimes.

His death

During his stint in jail, Juan was repeatedly attracted to bouts of pneumonia. His condition of pneumonia and respiratory complications became chronic, and it worsened with time. Finally, in 2007 He succumbed to pneumonia and died in jail. It is unknown how he caught pneumonia or whether he was undergoing addiction rehabilitation treatment in jail. He was 37 years old when he died.

Juan López and Jenni Rivera Life: a turbulent and incomplete love story
Juan Lopez at his second trial

As he stopped being a part of Jenny and their children’s lives, there is no known incident or comment after Juan’s death.

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