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Juan Manzur travels to Washington on Thursday to show the support of businessmen and governors to the Government and generate confidence in investors

The role of the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, it is more and more protagonist. He shows himself as a high-ranking official and is committed to organizing the Government’s agenda on all fronts. This Thursday he will travel to Washington where he will join the entourage headed by the head of the Palacio de Hacienda, Martin Guzman, for a meeting with Argentine bondholders and global investors. There it will seek to clear the external front and show the support of PJ governors and big Argentine businessmen.

The trip is part of the negotiations that Guzmán resumed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the $ 44 billion debt restructuring that Argentina maintains with that multilateral credit organization, with a one-on-one meeting with Kristalina Georgieva.

The ratification of Georgieva at the head of the IMF hours before the start of the annual meeting of that body was received by Argentine officials like a good news. The Bulgarian economist maintains a very good dialogue with Guzmán and that is exciting to reach a new agreement.

Manzur will show support for the government of businessmen and governors of the PJ in the United States

In the run-up to Manzur’s trip to the United States, Alberto Fernández met with businessmen from large firms operating in Argentina. To the claim of executives by double compensation and the anti-layoff law, The President guaranteed that these decisions will be reversed as the economy reactivates, but in return asked for explicit support to be able to show in international meetings.

With this endorsement the Chief of Cabinet will arrive in Washington, also with that of the governors and the PJ, of which he is vice president. “It is an indication of the President of the Nation to accompany the Minister of Economy in the framework of a meeting that on Friday he will have with a series of businessmen and investors at a global level. We are going to bring the vision of the national government”, Said Manzur in an act in the neighborhood of Núñez together with the Minister of Tourism, Matias Lammens, indicated the Telam Agency.

The Government seeks to show that, beyond the lack of opposition support for negotiations with the IMF, the rest of the political and productive sectors are aligned with the need to restructure the debt. In fact, some of the businessmen who participated in the lunch with Fernández they offered to be part of the entourage, among them Francisco De Narváez, that Wallmart bought almost a year ago.

Manzur said that in negotiations with IMF will search for “zoom positions, as long as it does not compromise everything that has to do with the development of the country ”.

Manzur’s schedule of activities in the United States has not yet been defined, but in addition to the meeting with businessmen, he will seek to pave the way for an official visit by the President to that country.

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