Juan Osorio: A Proud Father and the Perils of Nepotism in the Entertainment Industry

Juan Osorio: A Supportive Father and Controversial Statements

Since Emilio Osorio entered ‘The House of Famous Mexico’, his father, the influential producer of series and soap operas Juan Osorio, decided to support him with everything, as he has done throughout his career. He has even gone on more than one occasion outside the house to shout cheers and messages of support. And when Wendy Guevara asked Emilio to intercede for her with her father to get a role in one of his novels, Osorio took note and through a megaphone he let him know that his request had been met. So far, so good.

But this week, Juan Osorio went much further when he categorically assured that Bárbara Torres – the famous ‘Excelsa’ of the P. Luche Family – would never again work in any of his productions for having nominated her son. “She already has her leading role there, in ‘The House of Celebrities’. He will never have it outside,” he told the media outside the house. Immediately, criticism began.

“Power is sick. To begin with, La Casa is a game. To continue, Televisa does not belong to Juan. And now sit down, sir”; “So, if when hell begins to nominate and Wendy nominates Emilio, he won’t have a role in his novel either” and “Why put your son in a game if he won’t stand it, sir?”, were some of the criticism he received. In a few hours, Osorio retracted it through a broadcast on his social networks. “With great shame for having made those statements (…) I have no rights and Bárbara Torres is playing a very special game to defend herself against the wolves that are in there,” he acknowledged, to later ensure that this apology will also be made personally when he leaves the house.

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Talent or Influence?

Emilio Osorio is one of the audience’s favorites to win the 4 million-peso prize that is at stake in ‘The house of celebrities’. He has shown himself to be a fun and respectful young man, earning the affection of the public and his peers. His projects have been marked with the name of his father, who has been one of the most important producers on Mexican television for decades. In fact, the vast majority of the projects in which he has participated are his father’s productions, including ‘My husband has a family’ and ‘Together the heart is never wrong’. For this reason, he has received criticism for nepotism, something he has always denied. When he announced that Emilio would participate in the Vicente Fernández bioseries ‘The Last King’ – which he produced – Juan Osorio defended the work of his offspring and assured that he earned his role in the casting. “He is talented, not because he is my son, if he were not my son, I would have selected him anyway because it was not me, it was the directors, a coach that we have very demanding and has taken care of the cast,” he explained.

A Solo Career

Emilio, for his part, announced a few months ago that he had decided to end the employment relationship with his father to dedicate himself to his career as a singer, a flight that he has undertaken alone. “I’m not comfortable being the ‘son of’, I’m going to go out more,” he said some time ago in an interview. “At this moment there is a job separation regarding my father, that is why I am working directly with COSMOS as to music, that’s a challenge, part of growth, maturation on my part,” commented the 19-year-old artist when talking about his second record material, titled ‘E2’.

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