“Juan Osorio’s Frustrated Dream: Carving a Leading Man Path in Soap Operas”

Juan Osorio BY Alejandro Feregrino

Currently, Juan Osorio is one of the most influential producers on Mexican television. In his career he has been responsible for more than 30 telenovelas, including some of the most important productions in recent years on Televisa, such as “A lucky family”, “My heart is yours” and “My husband has a family”.

But what few know is that, before succeeding behind the cameras, Osorio had a brief career as an actor.

“At one point in my life, what I aspired to was to be an actor, I wanted to be an actor and I wanted to be lover of novels. For obvious reasons, it didn’t happen,” Osorio said between laughs while pointing to himself, during an interview with Jesse Cervantes.

His first contacts with show business began in 1972, in productions such as ‘Res Judicata’, ‘La curse of the lace’ and ‘The building across the street’.

“At that time, the prototypes of leading men had nothing to do with my physique. And this is the first shock I had with reality and with this career.”

“I didn’t go beyond playing small characters and I despaired. Then one day someone who knew about this business told me, ‘you’re on the wrong track, why don’t you go into production.'”

Her first response from him was a resounding ‘no.’

“I said ‘how to production? Yes, I want to be a leading man,'” he recalled.

But that person sowed in him that idea like a seed that soon germinated. “I was never obsessive with something that didn’t happen. I started to see the production and at that moment I realized that I liked it”.

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Then he began a long journey from the first links in the chain: he was a fishbowl, a props assistant, a continuity designer, a production assistant and a production manager.

At the beginning It was not easy at all, because the salary was not enough and, along with his work within the production, he helped the actors with their costumes and their scripts, in exchange for some money.

“I had to go to study and I didn’t have a steady job. Then I completed my work assisting the actors, I in my scripts”.

Finally, opportunities began to arrive, as production manager of “Toda una vida”, “Gabriel y Gabriela”, “Un solo corazón” and “La pasión de Isabela”.

After producing and working on television, radio and plays, Juan Osorio is clear that, in life, he who does not risk does not win. “You should not limit yourself, everything that Do it come to mind, carry it out, the most that can happen is that one day you are right and another day you are not, however, learn to live with your mistakes and your setbacks so that you become stronger and every day you are a better human being”.


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