“Juan Soler Stands by his Statement on Mónica Noguera’s Sudden Exit from Sale el Sol”

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Juan Soler Says Comment About Mónica Noguera Was Not Meant to Be Disrespectful

Juan Soler recently announced his unexpected departure from the program Sale el sol, leaving fans wondering what happened. Last Friday, April 28, was his last day on the show, and the actor and presenter left in tears. Now, it looks like a comment about his colleague Mónica Noguera was the reason behind the controversy.

In a live video that he recorded with his girlfriend Paulina Mercado, Juan Soler shared his version of events. He claims that his intention was not to offend Noguera, when she complimented her legs saying that they “should look amazing on anyone’s shoulders, they should look impressive.” However, Noguera replied by warning Soler to “be careful,” indicating that his comment was inappropriate.

According to Soler, he saw his comment as a simple compliment to his colleague, but understands that people nowadays have very thin skin. “I come from another era. I was born in 1966, with a different type of training and education, we say things in a very rustic, direct way, openly, without prejudice,” explained the Argentine.

However, he insisted that he is very respectful towards women. Monica has her partner, who he loves very much and it was not meant to be disrespectful to Monica or women in general. Paulina Mercado showed her full support for her boyfriend and said that the comment did not cause her jealousy or indignation. “We are very full, we are happy,” she said.

Juan Soler added that “one of the reasons why he left Sale el sol is that he will record a movie in Guadalajara and then a comic series for Televisa and a show that he cannot give details about yet. He revealed that he is already busy until February or March of next year, and unfortunately could not balance his participation with Sale el sol.

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Soler thanked Sale el sol for the opportunity and left feeling grateful. “We leave infinitely grateful for Sale el Sol to fulfill more dreams. Thank you!” he said. Mónica Noguera, on the other hand, has not yet commented publicly on the issue.

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