Juanjo Martínez: “The AFE has mafia practices and Aganzo is a real scandal”

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Juanjo Martinez (Jumilla 9-10-1977), president of Futbolistas ON, attends OKDIARY hours after David aganzo, his counterpart in the AFE, He will testify in the City of Justice of Elche accused of bribery and disclosure of secrets. The highest representative of the union was presented as a private accusation in the piece directed by the magistrate Marta Alba Tenza, head of the Court of Instruction number 3 of Elche. The origin of this cause is in a complaint made in 2019 by former footballers Xavi Oliva, Jesús Barbadilla Jesule and Sergio Piña, who accused Aganzo and Rivas of having bribed an official of the Tax Agency with 3,000 euros. This was allegedly done to obtain financial and tax information from the Football Players ON members.

Question: As planned, David Aganzo and Diego Rivas sat on the bench.

Answer: Last June 4 David aganzo and Diego Rivas, his right-hand man, were summoned for the first hearings and did not want to attend. If he didn’t show up, he was at risk of possible arrest. He went to the room and testified at 09:30. About 10.00 he did Diego Rivas. They were there for about 20 minutes.

David aganzo
David Aganzo, in the City of Justice of Elche.

Q: Did you only answer questions from your attorney?

A: Correct. They only answered questions from their lawyer. In our view, if they had nothing to hide, they would respond to all parties involved. I imagine they decided by strategy not to want to contradict themselves in any statement. That is why they responded only to their lawyer. The judge also interacted and asked each of the parties a couple of questions because she is interested in clarifying the facts.

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Q: How does this whole story start?

A: I would like to say that it is a real scandal. That President David Aganzo and Diego Rivas are charged with an alleged crime of bribery and revealing of secrets. In another country these two men would not be in their jobs today. Unfortunately it is so. It all comes from a complaint from your own employees. Its workers are the ones who initiate a lawsuit in Plaza de Castilla. Later, the Police experts have been able to prove in a report from the Tax Agency where our model 347 is clearly seen. The plaintiffs brought a series of tests to justice. We have all seen in the Mark published our model 347 of the Tax Agency in Aganzo’s office.

Q: In the newspaper Mark?

Q: Correct. On a cover in the newspaper Mark in May, when we were all confined. From there the investigation gains momentum and now there are other important tests in the procedure.

Q: And why against Futbolistas ON?

A: They were very concerned that Futbolistas ON would continue to grow and, apparently, when we were going to go to the first union elections of First and Second, they supposedly tried to carry out this maneuver to find out our tax information. They would like to know if the League financed us or not and to be able to teach the footballers that supposed payment that was totally legal as it has been shown and they have not been able to do anything.

Q: Has it hurt you?

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A: It has hurt us a lot in that process because we had to reach 5%, which is 50 footballers. This fact has also harmed us when negotiating the collective agreement in First and Second and even entering the social fund, for which AFE receives 3.2 million.

Q: There are many millions.

A: To this day that a president who manages a budget of 14 million euros, who tries to make maneuvers … They are mafia practices. It is what cannot be allowed. The crime is supposed to be investigated for that. We are going to try to fight to the end, we are not going to give up and we are going to try to prove absolutely everything. These gentlemen and those responsible for AFE, if one day the judge deems it appropriate, they will have to pay

Q: And how can this end?

A: We are facing a criminal procedure. There are people involved here and those responsible may face a prison sentence regardless of disqualification. Something that has been communicated to us in the procedure is that the Tax Agency has suspended the public official. They consider that those that are already accredited to continue carrying out their functions are very serious facts. We have also requested the suspension of functions of David aganzo so that he cannot attend his job and that he cannot continue in a supposedly criminal maelstrom.

Q: This can be a before and after in Spanish football.

A: From our position we do not understand certain actions and even evidence that is already within the procedure. It seems that we all conspire against AFE and not. The only crime he has ever committed Footballers ON is to give footballers the possibility to choose another union. Right now a president like David aganzo comes out as president in FIFPro, an international union. Don’t the other countries find out? He is charged with something very serious, always with his presumption of innocence. They have an international president who scares me if all these issues can really be proven in court.

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Q: What’s next?

A: The next cars are in February. There’s a ride it important of the entire board of directors of the AFE whom the judge has called to testify as witnesses. He wants to clarify the facts before going to trial, as quickly as possible. The latest has been that we have been informed that the Prosecutor’s Office, which is within the procedure as plaintiffs or injured parties, have requested or requested tests of mobile phones. There will be a series of important tests at the level of telephone terminals that can be decisive to see if the accused have committed the alleged crimes.

Q: And Footballers ON continues to grow?

A: It is very difficult for us to continue taking steps. An organization of 14 million against another of 500,000. Every day we are more and footballers trust us. Having a plurality within the union world is very important and they cannot destroy us just by giving a choice.

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