“Jude Law’s Childhood Obsession: Star Wars Takes Center Stage”

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Jude Law’s Love for Star Wars: A Lifelong Obsession

Jude Law, the 50-year-old actor known for his impressive performance in various movies and TV series, is also a big fan of the Star Wars franchise. Law’s love for ‘Star Wars’ began when he was just six years old, and he has been obsessed with it ever since. According to him, the toys and characters from the film were the ones he had grown up with.

Han Solo: His All-Time Favorite Character

Jude Law’s favorite character in Star Wars has always been Harrison Ford’s iconic character, Han Solo. While he will be seen in an Obi-style robe in the upcoming spin-off series ‘Skeleton Crew,’ he still hoped to imbue Solo’s humor and sardonic nature. He was keen to add that the slight tone of humor and irony in the Star Wars universe makes it an exceptional franchise.

Behind the Scenes on Set

Being a versatile actor, Jude Law undoubtedly took on the role of guiding the young costars when necessary. He had to get ‘serious’ on set to help guide his young co-actors. He set the tone by making sure everyone realized the seriousness of the situation and the fact that they were risking their lives. But, as he noted, the wonderful thing about kids is that they believe, which made filming a lot of fun.

A Clever Premise for the Series

Jude Law found the premise of the ‘Skeleton Crew’ series to be really clever. According to him, by focusing on children, Chris Ford and Jon Watts, the creators of the series, have found an innovative way to showcase the Star Wars universe. Through the eyes of kids, viewers get to see the galaxy and the danger, the divisions, the heroes and the villains – all of the aspects that the viewers have grown up loving.

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Jude Law’s lifelong love for Star Wars is like many fans of the franchise’s love of it. It is not just the movies; it is the toys, the characters, and the entire universe that has been created. His role in the ‘Skeleton Crew’ series promises to excite fans and is eagerly awaited. Star Wars continues to captivate audiences of all ages, and Jude Law is one of its most devoted fans.

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