Judge Denies Bond for Woman Charged in Crash That Killed Newlywed, Citing Flight Risk

By: Thomas Blade

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Judge Denies Bond for Woman Charged in Crash That Killed Newlywed, Citing Flight Risk

A circuit court judge in South Carolina has denied bond for Jamie Lee Komoroski, a woman charged in a crash that killed newlywed Samantha Miller and injured three others. The crash occurred when Komoroski, who was driving a rental car at 65 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone, rear-ended a golf cart carrying Miller and her husband, Aric Hutchinson, among others. Komoroski’s blood alcohol level was three times higher than the legal limit at the time of the crash.

Judge Michael Nettles denied bond for Komoroski, stating that he considered her a flight risk and a danger to the community. He set a deadline for the trial to begin by March 2024, and if it does not, Komoroski may be released on a $150,000 surety bond. However, she would be subject to electronic monitoring, house arrest, and other conditions.

The judge’s decision was met with mixed reactions from both families. Miller’s family expressed relief at the denial of bond, stating that they believed Komoroski posed a flight risk and a danger to society. Komoroski’s family, on the other hand, advocated for her release, emphasizing her lack of prior criminal history and strong family support.

The tragic incident has sparked a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Hutchinson against Komoroski and several establishments that served her alcohol on the day of the crash. The lawsuit alleges that the establishments had a duty to exercise due care in serving alcoholic beverages to Komoroski, who was visibly intoxicated.

The trial is scheduled to take place in March 2024, but both parties have been urged to expedite the process for the sake of closure. The case serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of drunk driving and the importance of responsible alcohol service.

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