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Judge Orders Heather Wyatt to Shut Down Social Media, Sparking Internet Outrage

Content warning: This article mentions suicide.

The tragic story of Mississippi teen Aubreigh Wyatt, who died by suicide in 2023, has sparked widespread discussion on social media. Aubreigh’s mother, Heather Wyatt, has been at the forefront, sharing her daughter’s story to promote mental health awareness. However, a series of lawsuits from the parents of Aubreigh’s alleged bullies have forced Heather to cease her posting.

Although Heather has kept the bullies’ identities confidential, the internet has not. Personal information about the alleged bullies, including their addresses, began circulating online. In response, a judge has ordered Heather to delete her social media accounts to protect the minors accused of bullying Aubreigh. This decision has ignited outrage among Heather’s supporters.

As Heather’s TikTok following neared 1 million, Chancery Court Judge Mark Maples issued the order for her to remove all her social media accounts, according to the Biloxi Sun Herald. Judge Maples stated that this measure was intended to shield the minors involved. A hearing is set for July 18 to evaluate if the order should remain.

The court’s injunction has roused a campaign of support for Heather on social media. Messages like “Y’ALL! HEATHER WYATT HAS BEEN SILENCED FOR NO REASON! SHE WAS ORDERED BY COURT TO DELETE ALL SOCIALS! SPREAD THIS MESSAGE, DON’T KEEP QUIET!” have flooded TikTok videos related to Aubreigh’s death.

Several prominent content creators have also voiced their support for Heather and Aubreigh. One notable Alabama TikToker, affectionately known as MamaTot, posted a video to her 12 million followers addressing the situation. She stated, “Since Aubreigh’s mama can’t speak for her … I suppose we will. Right, Tatertots? When their voice is silenced, use yours.” The video includes the popular hashtag #JusticeForAubreighWyatt.

MamaTot’s message has garnered 10 million views as of the time of writing.

Source: Biloxi Sun Herald