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Judge requires ex-con rapper’s lyrics to align with rehab goals

An ex-con rapper who’s collaborated with prominent artists like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane has been mandated to submit his future songs to a judge for approval. This measure is to ensure that his music aligns with his “goals of rehabilitation.”

Christopher Dorsey, known as BG, from Louisiana, faced arrest in March after a Las Vegas performance with rapper Boosie, another convicted felon. Prosecutors argued that the appearance breached the 43-year-old “Bling Bling’’ rapper’s supervised release terms from a prior gun charge. He was supposed to refrain from “associating unnecessarily with’’ felons.

The prosecutors pointed out that BG’s recent lyrics glorified two individuals serving life sentences for multiple murders connected to drugs and gang activities. Such content, they contended, contradicts his rehabilitation goals.

BG, who started his music career as a teenager with Cash Money Records’ Hot Boys group alongside Lil Wayne and Juvenile, was sentenced to a 14-year prison term in 2012. The sentence came after he was caught with three firearms in his vehicle, two of which were stolen.

After his release from prison last year, BG recorded the album “Choppers & Bricks” with Grammy-nominated artist Gucci Mane, who’s also an ex-con.

Federal Judge Susie Morgan issued the order last Friday requiring BG to submit his future lyrics to her. She stated that prosecutors had “legitimate” concerns about his potential deviation from the rehabilitation path. Additionally, the judge ruled that BG must request permission before collaborating with felons in the future.

BG’s attorneys argued that this mandate infringes upon his freedom of speech, labeling it an “unconstitutional prior restraint.” Nonetheless, the court upheld the requirement as part of his supervised release, which lasts another year and a half due to his previous gun conviction.

Source:, the Guardian