Jujutsu Kaisen’s Mahito – Know Everything About Mahito!

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One of the main adversaries of the Jujutsu Kaisen series is Mahito. He is a cursed spirit who works with Pseudo-Geto. His group’s ultimate purpose is to exterminate humans and replace the populace with cursed spirits.

Nature of Mahito

Mahito is an arrogant, cruel cursed spirit that likes playing with people’s emotions. He thinks he was created due to human misdeeds and sees himself as the embodiment of humanity’s hate towards one another. As a result, Mahito feels that humans should be extinct and cursed spirits should govern instead.

Mahito shows little empathy for human beings and seems to respect his existence as little as possible. He is committed to his mission, feeling that saving Sukuna is more vital than his own survival. Unlike his companion Jogo, who is irritable and rude, Mahito can maintain a calm demeanor while having fun. Nonetheless, they share the same ambitions when it comes to their race.

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Mahito, according to Nanami, is highly superficial, comparable to Satoru Gojo. Even in combat, he adores playing with humans when his life is at risk. Mahito attracted Junpei because he considered him a nice toy to deal with. He used Junpei’s animosity to compel him to become a curse practitioner.

For the most part, he maintains his calm nature, but when his own survival is endangered, he becomes scared. When Nobara Kugisaki utilizes her cursed method, he highlights the need of getting rid of her, demonstrating his great desire to eliminate anybody or anything that may harm him.

Mahito’s Capabilities and Powers

Mahito is an unregistered cursed spirit with more strength than three of Sukuna’s fingers combined. He is younger than Jogo; thus, he has less experience and is less strong as a consequence. Despite this, Mahito is significantly more powerful than a standard cursed spirit. He has a high level of intellect as well as a cursed technique that is highly hazardous. Mahito has tremendous growth potential, as seen that he has matured in the midst of combat on several occasions.

He defeated Grade 1 sorcerer Kento Nanami in a one-on-one battle by making his cursed technique ineffective. After that battle, Nanami decided that Mahito needed to be exorcized right then, or he would develop into something too dangerous for Jujutsu High to manage.

If Sukuna didn’t interfere, Mahito would have likely defeated both jujutsu sorcerers in their two-on-one duel with Nanami and Yuji. Mahito started growing stronger when his life was at risk during this battle, enabling him to create his own Domain Expansion.

Subsequently, during the Shibuya Incident Arc, Mahito pushed himself even farther, strengthening his soul manipulating powers and being able to produce complete clones of himself that were undetectable from the original. He manages to land many black flashes on Yuji and eventually on Todo throughout their battle by further enhancing his strength.

Mahito has exceptional physical strength. In their second encounter, he thrashed Yuji Itadori severely, causing him to cough up blood. He dealt a strong blow to Yuji while transforming his body using Idle Transfiguration, causing him to hemorrhage on the forehead. Mahito said that he could have fractured Yuji’s head if he had put more effort into it. He could quickly demolish a large number of Mechamarus and was powerful enough to hold Nanami down.

Enhanced Speed: Mahito possesses tremendous speed. When he used Idle Transfiguration during their combat, he was able to blitz through Nanami’s defense. He was able to outpace Yuji and assault Todo so quickly that he had no choice but to concentrate his cursed energies.

Improved Reflexes: Mahito possesses exceptional reflexes. He was able to respond to Yuji and Todo’s assaults and counter them at the same time. To some degree, Mahito managed to keep up with Todo’s Boogie Woogie. He even battled Yuji and Nanami on his own, dodging and countering their punches at breakneck speed.

High Level of intelligence: Mahito displays exceptional intellectual aptitude as a cursed spirit. He was able to correctly guess what jujutsu sorcerers were looking into him, and he was able to lay a trap for them. After only a few exchanges, Mahito can deduce his opponent’s skillset and even their cursing technique. He is also a master at deceiving his opponents using a number of ploys.

Enhanced Durability: Mahito is very difficult to defeat. When cursed skill makes physical strikes useless, Mahito’s spirit remains impervious to harm. Nanami tried to destroy Mahito’s body, but he lasted the whole fight without displaying any agony, even when his assaults were successful. When Yuji was able to strike Mahito’s spirit, and both jujutsu sorcerers overpowered him, Mahito could withstand the storm and unleash a new power rather than let his body collapse under the strain.

Weird Facts About Mahito

Conflict of Soul and Body, Which Comes First?

Because of his captivating attitude, Mahito is one of the most notable cursed spirits featured in the first series of the anime. Despite being a deceitful psychopath who has no concept of human life’s worth, Mahito is the kind of enjoyable, intellectually oriented figure that viewers can identify with.

Mahito’s ideology is on the human spirit and body, which he frequently brings up throughout his action scenes. Mahito is intrigued about which came first, the human spirit or the human body, similar to the old chicken and egg dispute. Considering Mahito’s cursed skill, it is understandable that he would be interested in the soul and body, yet the mystery of the human soul makes Mahito’s logic tough to follow.

Mahito Has a Better Chance of Growing Than Yuji Itadori

Mahito has progressed well above Yuji’s present level of strength. ThoughYuji is set up as Jujutsu Kaisen’s overpowering protagonist who can acquire the speed of light, Mahito has managed to overtake him despite avoiding every combat he has been a part of.

Although cursed spirits are generally superior; however, it is uncommon for a villain to outgrow a shonen hero in terms of growth. Mahito is trying out new Barrier tactics from Satoru Gojo after just observing him doing them once. Yuji’s learning aptitude is amazing, while Mahito learns at an incomprehensible rate.

Mahito Has The Ability To Transfigure His Inner Soul To Take On The Characteristics Of Soulless Objects

Mahito is the main shape-shifter of Jujutsu Kaisen, with the power to change the form of his soul. The ability to modify his body’s appearance has allowed Mahito to undergo various strong transformations and evolutions, making him a much more dangerous menace now than he has ever been.

However, the capacity to change the form does not automatically imply that the shape-shifter will grow more powerful. In truth, there is no reason why Mahito should be able to improve his soul’s endurance or strength except the reason that a cursed method enables him to change its form.

Mahito Is The Pinnacle Of Human Hate, But He Still Wants To Remove Humanity

Mahito claims to be the embodiment of humanity’s hate towards one another. In other words, every unpleasant sentiment a member of mankind has against another human contributes to Mahito’s empowerment.

Despite this, Mahito has set his life’s mission to wipe mankind from the face of the world and usher in a cursed era. Considering the essence of Mahito’s strength, it seems pretty naive to wish for humanity’s extinction. The closer Mahito completes his quest, the more vulnerable he will become. It does not make sense, but it allows Yuji to defeat Mahito if he survives the forthcoming culling games.

Mahito Is An Antagonist Who Has Only Been Defeated By Other Antagonists Due To An OP Cursed Technique

The cursed spirit’s overpowered cursed technique is perhaps the most perplexing feature of Mahito’s character. Though Mahito is a strong opponent of Yuji, the cursed spirit is so powerful that the only people who have been able to defeat him are JJK’s main opponents. It is difficult to sound right that a villain can only be defeated with the assistance of other villains.

Though Mahito Has to Flee From Every Conflict He Has Ever Been In, He Believes That Near-Death Situations Have Made Him Stronger

After the first Jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito’s charm and aggressive nature make him tough to forget. Still, the cursed soul can survive each of his meetings with jujutsu sorcerers, which is the major reason Mahito persists throughout the JJK community.

Mahito may be immature, but he has an incredible ability to flee a battle at just the right moment. However, Mahito’s fear makes it difficult to explain how he has changed so much since his initial appearance. In JJK, every character exploits the strain of near-death situations to grow as a fighter. Mahito does this while simultaneously determining the precise time he has attained his limit. Almost every other character in JJK lacks this degree of self-awareness, which makes it difficult to explain how Mahito can seem so afraid while growing at a greater pace than any other figure in the story.

Is Mahito Dead?

Mahito is theoretically not dead since cursed souls cannot be slain but rather exercise. This is the reality that puts Yuuji Itadori in an ethical bind in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime when he is compelled to kill individuals deformed by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration.

Due to Geto’s odd exorcism method, Mahito’s presence is now a bit of Schrodinger’s cat problem. Mahito’s “death” is practically assured in the manga, as he is on the verge of being entirely exorcized due to the collective forces of Itadori and Todou. Kenjaku, on the other hand, enters ex-machina at the key time and absorbs a significantly weakened Mahito utilizing Suguru Geto’s jujutsu style.

Suguru Geto’s body being abducted by Kenjaku means that Mahito, or at the very least his cursed technique, will most likely be seen in the future. But it is unclear if Mahito will return as a character.

Will Mahito Be Able To Survive?

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Cursed spirits can only be exorcized by directing cursed energy towards them, forcing them to vanish. Unlike the other jujutsu spirits, Suguru Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation method differs from that of other jujutsu spirits. It has the ability to control and absorb the cursed spirit in order to harness its abilities, thereby eradicating it from existence.

Geto used a technique called “Maximum Uzumaki” to release nearly four thousand curses at once in an effort to overcome and assimilate the cursed spirit Rika, according to Jujutsu Kaisen 0. However, the fact that he was able to eject them in this way implies that the cursed spirits are still present inside Suguru Geto’s body.

Last Words On Mahito’s Destiny

Mahito’s instincts may be superficial and immature, but he is a very potent curse, as Nanami points out. Especially one with a demeanor that is comparable to Satoru Gojou.

Mahito built a similar bond with Itadori, much as Gojou was set against Sukuna from the story’s opening as a worthy adversary. Since losing countless people he cared about, Itadori is now more hell-bent on eliminating Mahito.

However, since Mahito is still an intermediate villain and a puppet at the end, Mahito’s loss would have little impact on the storyline of Jujutsu Kaisen at this time. Itadori’s development mirrored and complemented Mahito’s story.