Julia Fox Deleted Kanye West Photos and Break Off Their Relationship

The media and passionate romance of Julia Fox and Kanye West came to an end. The American actress and the controversial rapper ended their relationship after six weeks of dating. “Julia and Kanye remain good friends and collaborators but are no longer together,” the representative said in a statement to Page Six. The split comes after West, 44, spent Super Bowl Sunday confessing his love to Kim Kardashian on social media and criticizing Pete Davidson, who has been dating his ex-wife since late last year.

Fox and West had met during a Dec. 31 party in Miami. “The connection was instantaneous,” the 32-year-old actress said of the first encounter with the 44-year-old musician. After the first meeting, the couple moved to New York and starred in a passionate photographic production in a Manhattan hotel. West booked a suite and filled it with clothes from top designers, a detail that left Fox speechless. “After dinner, I had a surprise in store for me. I mean, I’m still in shock. I had a whole hotel suite full of clothes,” he told Interview magazine.

“Kanye and I were on good terms,” Fox wrote in a message he posted on an Instagram story and later deleted. He also deleted from his profile all the photographs in which they appeared next to the rapper.

The breakup comes hours after West publicly proclaimed his love for his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and insulted comedian Pete Davidson. He insisted that he will fight to recover his old life and will face anyone who, in his opinion, does not support him in his project to reconquer the mother of his children, from whom he separated more than a year ago. Meanwhile, Kim doesn’t seem to mind her ex-husband’s request as she was spotted enjoying a romantic dinner with her boyfriend in New York.

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West, 44, and Fox, 32, made their first appearance as a couple on Jan. 23 during Paris Fashion Week. The singer thus officially introduced his partner, with whom he maintained an open relationship, but with whom he apparently saw himself in the future, at least on the part of the actress: “Kanye wants me to be the best version of myself. That’s the conversation, as long as I live to my full potential. It’s wonderful,” the actress revealed on the Call Her Daddy podcast, “We’re living in the moment and we have no expectations or labels. We are two people who make each other feel better.

What Kanye didn’t count on was Julia going to talk about their relationship so soon. In a statement that the actress shared through her social networks, she said that she had never been in love with a famous rapper. A statement that the actress was quick to delete, not without some media made a capture of her words.

“You would love for me to be very sad about all this, the media would love to paint a picture of me as a poor woman crying on a plane alone, but it is not true,” he wrote, referring to the first reports of some media about the crisis in the couple, “Why not see me for who I am, number one. I have appeared before you and, not only that, but Kanye and I get along. I love him, but I was never in love with him, what do you think, that I am twelve years old?”

The actress also “warned” the media that “if you want to know everything, you will have to wait to buy the book when it comes out.” At the moment, Kanye remains in Los Angeles, while the actress resides in New York, near her son. According to his environment, the distance would have made a dent in this relationship.

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A breakup that many consider that, despite having been a few weeks later, comes late, because at this point it is clear that Kanye is doing everything possible to return to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to whom he is showing his love in every possible way, using strategies such as telephone harassment, revealing his text messages in public or threatening to physically assault his new partner, Pete Davidson.

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