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Julia Roberts and Travis Kelce Share Heartfelt Moment at Eras Tour Dublin

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Dublin

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Dublin on Sunday night was an event to remember. The third and final show in Ireland attracted a star-studded crowd, including iconic singer Stevie Nicks and America’s Sweetheart, Julia Roberts, who were spotted mingling in the VIP tent.

Partway through the concert, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, made a surprise appearance at Aviva Stadium. Kelce had been in Los Angeles the previous night, attending the wedding of his teammate Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Among the attendees, there seemed to be no one more thrilled to see Kelce than Julia Roberts. The Hollywood star was seen having an animated conversation with the NFL player, clearly enjoying his company.

Interestingly, Kelce has also impressed another lead from the romantic classic “Notting Hill.” Hugh Grant attended one of Swift’s shows in London, following up with a humorous tweet afterward.

Source: Various sources