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Julia Roberts' Remark to Travis Kelce Regarding Taylor Swift

Julia Roberts’ Remark to Travis Kelce Regarding Taylor Swift

Many celebrities have been spotted attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, and one such star is actor Julia Roberts. Roberts was seen enjoying one of Swift’s performances in Dublin, Ireland, over the past weekend.

A particular clip featuring Roberts has gone viral, showing her in an animated conversation with Swift’s boyfriend and NFL player, Travis Kelce. In the video, the Pretty Woman star is seen chatting with Kelce while affectionately scratching his chest and rubbing his shoulder, a gesture that has sparked significant reactions on social media.

One person commented, “If that was anyone other than Pretty Woman herself, playing around with Trav I would be legit mad.” Another added, “She’s a mom, she’s giving him happy scratchies very common mom practice.”

However, not everyone felt comfortable with the interaction. Someone else remarked, “Why is she scratching his chest and pushing herself into him? He is so uncomfortable trying to push her off and she holds him up. This is uber strange.” Another user pointed out, “Some people were kind of weirded out by how handsy she seemed apparently ha. But as someone pointed out this is a very southern woman thing. Especially older. They’re huggers.”

The intriguing moment has left viewers curious about what Roberts and Kelce were discussing. These days, some creators online attempt to lip-read what celebrities are saying in such videos. One such creator, Squid Game: The Challenge star Jackie Gonzalez, who is deaf, tried to decipher the conversation. Gonzalez believes Roberts said, “I’m so unusually happy for you guys, and I don’t mean to make you nervous, but it makes me so happy,” but she also added a disclaimer noting that lip-reading is not a reliable form of communication and that all statements are alleged.

In another instance of celebrity support for Swift’s tour, Roberts’s Notting Hill co-star, Hugh Grant, posted an enthusiastic message about Swift and Kelce after attending one of her Wembley shows. On X, formerly known as Twitter, Grant wrote, “Dear @taylorswift13, You have an incredible show, an amazing and hospitable team and an excellent if gigantic boyfriend (#tequilashots). Thanks so much from one aging London boy, wife and thrilled 8 year old #halfgirlhalfbracelet.”

Grant’s post adds to the ongoing buzz around Swift’s relationship with Kelce and her highly praised performances during the tour. Meanwhile, the playful interaction between Roberts and Kelce continues to be a talking point, with fans eager for more insights and details.

Source: Particle News