Julián Álvarez, the last great jewel of River: how much is it worth and how long will they try to retain it

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For something Marcelo gallardo He has been betting on him for three years. Julián Alvarez is the last great jewel of River. At the age of 21 he became an indispensable player for the Muñeco team, he joined the Argentine National Team, he had the pleasure of playing with Messi, and he has a short-term European future. In Rosario he was the great figure in the 4 to 1 win over Newell’s with two goals and two assists.

“Julián is a player who caught our attention since he was a kid and we saw enormous potential from him since we promoted him to First Division. Later, like all young footballers, he had ups and downs. It is normal. He is an elite player and that is why he is in the Argentine National Team. He has to take risks to know what he is capable of doing and he has to believe in his ability to resolve situations, “said Gallardo after the great game that the Cordoba player played.

Alvarez seems to be just ripening and he’s showing it. The international friction with the selected team and the training with footballers of the stature of Messi and Di María could have helped him evolve in his game to the point of being today, before the low level of Matías Suárez, the great figure of the team.

In River they know that a footballer with Alvarez’s conditions cannot last long. In June 2020 the contract was renewed until December 2022 with an exit clause of 25 million euros. That is the price of 9. If any European club wants it, they will have to put one euro on top of another in the millionaire treasury.

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In the last transfer market there were polls by Ajax and Aston Villa, but neither accelerated fully and there was talk of 10 million euros, an amount that does not seem to be enough. Also, in River they want hold it until June or the end of next year because he is still young and can continue to grow. If he goes to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he could raise his price.

Julian carries 20 goals with the red band on the chest and 9 did them this year (7 in 2020 and 4 in 2019).

Julian’s story

He was born in a Cordovan town of 2400 inhabitants: Calchín. Soccer was always his thing and he had the opportunity to prove himself at River and Boca when he was 11 years old. However, Real Madrid discovered him and took him to coach Spain. Finally, he did not stay because the Madrid club has a policy of not signing players under 13 years of age. It is even said that Jorge Messi wanted to take him to Barcelona to play in the inferiors. He returned to Córdoba to be with his family. Time would give him the possibility of arriving at River before he was 16 years old: he came to live in the club’s pension and three years later he was making his debut in the First Division.

Alvarez quickly knew glory: in October 2018 he played his first game and two months later he entered the grand final of the Copa Libertadores against Boca in Madrid. Gallardo sent him to the court in the first overtime when the game was still tied.

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The call to the Selection allowed him to be part of the team that broke the curse of 28 years without titles and was crowned champion of America (he played one game and scored no goals).

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