Julián Gil bids farewell: A touching farewell from the renowned actor

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Julian Gil Explains Departure from Sit Whoever Can!

It was surprising that, last Friday, it was the last program of Julián Gil in Sit Whoever Can! At that time, the actor could not say anything, but now he breaks the silence and explains what happened and the reason for his departure from this broadcast that he started.

“I know that I owed you this message, the truth is that I did not know where to start and when to do it. I am in Mexico, already at home, already much calmer. I have already processed a lot of information and many feelings. I know that I owed you a message about what happened and what will happen with Sit Who Can!”, Gil confessed in a video that he released on his Instagram account.

“Friday was my last, no, my penultimate show, because it’s never the last. The truth is, that day I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.”, The protagonist of the film Jesus of Nazareth explained what this program means to him.

“Whoever can sit down! It was a show that, from day one, was a birth. For everyone it was like a baby because we were basting and sewing it together, the production, the technical team, the panelists, they are all part of it! Whoever can sit down! So, it was very difficult for me to leave,” he continued.

Julian Gil in 'Whoever can sit down'

Julián Gil in ‘Whoever can sit down’

Julián Gil assured that he will return at some point, but for now he will be in another professional opportunity.

“The reason is that I’m starting a new project in Mexico, I think I’ll be able to tell you about it on Monday or Tuesday. I still can’t say anything. It’s a project that I’ve been casting for about two years and a bit. It’s a project too very important for my career and I know that you will support me a lot,” he revealed.

“I left for a little while, I didn’t leave forever,” he warned. “It’s like see you later.”

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