Julián Gil boasts his daughter Nicolle’s dream wedding that took place in Madrid

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The Argentine actor and part of the cast of the novel ‘What is happening to my family?’, Which can be seen on América Televisión, Julian Gil but in real life she starred in a dream wedding. It was the marriage of his daughter Nicolle Gil, who gave herself in Madrid in a beautiful church with her entire family.

The presenter shared some photos of the wedding on his account on Instagram while his daughter posted on the same social network a moving video of the preparations for the ceremony. When the day arrived, Julián Gil appeared on the arm of his beloved daughter, whom he led to the altar with great emotion in his eyes.

The religious event was held this last Friday in the capital of Spain, Madrid, where the actor’s family arrived and where Nicolle said yes to her fiancé today husband. The girl’s dress was heavenly, made as for a Hollywood movie.

This is how Nicolle entered the church located in the center of Madrid. In addition, she was wearing a delicate crown and the tulle veil that reached to her waist. She was holding a large bouquet of white roses for photos and her hair blowing in the wind. The journalist Valeria Marín and Julián’s partner also traveled to Spain to be present at this great event.

During the ceremony, Nicolle’s boyfriend dedicated to her, his voice cracking, some sweet words of love and gratitude for all the support he gave her in difficult times that moved everyone present.

This past year was tough for everyone, especially the two of us. The important thing is that we have overcome it, it was a long and hard process that I would not have managed to get out of without the support of my wife. Such a special day as our wedding is, Nicolle I want to thank you for what you have done for me“Was part of what he said Iñigo Ariño.

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Given those words, Julián Gil published on his Instagram account: “I always knew that today we would celebrate two things: the wedding and your life @inigo_arino we beat cancer and everything … Daughter, you are a warrior @nicolle_gil”.

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