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Julie Announces Debut Album ‘My Anti-Aircraft Friend,’ Drops “Clairbourne Practice”

Rising indie rock band julie have announced their debut album, my anti-aircraft friend, set to be released on September 13th via Atlantic Records. Alongside this exciting news, the trio has unveiled their latest single, “clairbourne practice,” which you can watch below in the official music video.
julie, photo by Silken Weinberg

julie have been steadily gaining recognition since their impactful 2020 release “flutter.” A series of critically acclaimed singles and their pushing daisies EP further solidified their position in the indie rock scene. Their upward trajectory earned them a spot on the “15 Rising Artists to Watch in 2024” list. The band is set to support notable artists like Alex G and Faye Webster on tour soon.

The newest single, “clairbourne practice,” comes after “catalogue” and exhibits a robust ’90s shoegaze influence, reminiscent of bands like Hum and Deftones, particularly their track “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away).” The song features dark, dynamic elements that create an intense listening experience.

In a statement, the band described the track: “It’s two voices conflicting and crashing with each other, unable to understand each other. The way the vocals are layered on top of each other in this song is maybe the most androgynous on the album. But it’s two people saying the same thing and still not hearing each other. We definitely wanted the loud and quiet parts to be polar opposites. Sweet, then destructive, and coming back and repeating the cycle.”

Watch the lo-fi music video for julie’s “clairbourne practice” below. You can also pre-order my anti-aircraft friend.

my anti-aircraft friend Artwork:

my anti-aircraft friend Tracklist:
01. catalogue
02. tenebrist
03. very little effort
04. clairbourne practice
05. knob
06. thread stitch
07. feminine adornments
08. i‘ll cook my own meals
09. piano instrumental
10. stuck in a car with angels

Source: Consequence