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Julie Chrisley Falls Ill in Prison: What’s the Story?

Julie Chrisley Falls Ill in Prison: What’s the Story?

Julie Chrisley and her husband Todd have been enduring harsh conditions in prison, according to Savannah Chrisley. Despite the possibility of an earlier release for her mother, Savannah continues to speak out about the lack of air-conditioning in the facility.

This time last year, Savannah and her brother Chase discussed the absence of air conditioning in the Kentucky prison. The federal prison system claimed that its facilities were livable, with both AC and heat turned on as needed based on the outside temperature. However, Chase and Savannah were skeptical about this claim. Chase argued that even those convicted of serious crimes deserve humane living conditions.

Recently, Savannah shared her experiences from a visit to her mom. She observed that only certain areas seemed to have air conditioning. This took on special importance because her mom cherished visitation hours for the temporary relief they provided from the stifling heat in the air-conditioned visitor center. Savannah shared that her mom got physically ill due to the extreme heat.

Julie Chrisley explained to Savannah that “she got physically sick because she got so hot.” Savannah revealed on her podcast, Unlocked, that the conditions were dire:

“…outside the visitation room there is zero air conditioning. And the heat index was 105, 110 degrees and that’s what Mom’s living in… Conditions like that with absolutely no air. And it can be 100 degrees inside the building. She literally said that she got physically sick because she got so hot. So, you have these women who are suffering from heat exhaustion and they’re passing out. But yet, there’s service dogs that have air conditioning. None of it makes sense to me.”

The podcast episode stirred reactions from Chrisley Knows Best fans. While some people remain unsympathetic towards Todd and Julie Chrisley, a segment of the audience expressed their concern. Here are a few responses:

  • “I’m in tears. Savannah thank you for shedding light on the inhumane actions of our system. I pray for you and your family.”
  • “Thank you Savannah for bringing awareness about the terrible conditions in our prison system.”
  • “This is so sad that people get treated this way. It makes me wonder how many people die in prison from being abused/mistreated. People are still human even if they made a mistake and are there. Keep up the good work Savannah!”

What are your thoughts about Julie Chrisley claiming she gets so hot in prison that she feels physically ill? Do you believe it’s wrong for prisoners to endure such harsh conditions? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TV Shows Ace