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July 7 Horoscope: Unlocking Cosmic Energy and Embracing New Beginnings

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Friday, July 7

Today I tell you about the lunar walk through Pisces, a journey that takes us directly to the heart of the soul!

When the Moon plunges into the waters of this last sign of the zodiac, we enter a sea of ​​sensitivity and compassion.

We surround ourselves with a mysterious mist that erases borders and we become like little sponges that absorb the energies around us.

It’s as if we were dolphins, full of sweetness and affection!



It will awaken your interest in spirituality and each meditation you do will be a profound experience. Visualize a color that you love and fill you with peace. Then take a breath and feel enveloped in that positive vibration. Let yourself be carried away by that luminous energy.


Social life will be in full swing! It is possible that you come across people who seem like a lot, but then do not live up to your expectations. Remember that your real friends will be affected if you neglect them. Keep your eyes on the future, as she will show you the way.


Circumstances are aligned for you to achieve success. You will be respected in your work, and you will establish close ties with your colleagues and superiors. Get ready to shine in your career and enjoy an enriching work environment full of achievements!


Your beliefs will become a fundamental pillar in your life! Your idealistic attitude will resonate in the hearts of others. It will be an ideal time to dedicate yourself to study, share your knowledge and expand your horizons. You will receive very positive news.


In the midst of financial problems, allow yourself to think positively. Trust your intuition and seek union with your partner or partner. In the face of any storm, let yourself go and flow with the current. Remember that after the storm, calm comes!


With the moon in your opposite sign, there is a magnificent opportunity to unite with another person and experience moments full of love and tenderness. You will learn to give the best of yourself and you will experience a mutual connection.


The time has come to catch up on work and pending tasks. But don’t worry, you can make it more bearable with your favorite background music. Also, this will be an auspicious day to improve your habits and purify your body.


The time has come to give yourself a little fun and entertainment in your life! Do not miss out on invitations to parties and shows, as wonderful emotions and experiences await you. In addition, you will be in magical harmony with your children or the little ones in the family.


It will be important that you take care of yourself and raise your spirits to maintain the well-being of your family. I recommend you use the essence of jasmine, known for its antidepressant properties. Perfume your home with this aroma and improve your mood.


As a good Capricorn, you are usually diligent and focused on your responsibilities, but now you will feel the desire to take a well-deserved rest and free yourself from serious commitments. I encourage you to take a little trip to disconnect from everything.


You will feel the desire to increase your income to meet your needs. You will look for new opportunities to improve your economic situation. But before venturing into new businesses, it will be important to put your finances in order and pay off your debts.


The magnetic influence of the moon in your sign will give you a powerful intuitive boost and highlight your charm. Although you might feel hypersensitive, your emotions will be in full swing and it will be a moment of great inspiration.

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