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July Birthday Celebrations for Rock Stars

Which rockstars are celebrating birthdays in July?

You might want to save those fireworks matches as we’ve got a wealth of musicians who also have birthday candles that need lighting this month.

Slash is everywhere, rocking with Guns N’ Roses, playing with Myles Kennedy, dropping a star-studded blues album … and yes, turning another year older this year.

We’ve got another rock icon celebrating a birthday as Rush singer-bassist Geddy Lee blows out the candles again. Plus, you’ve got musicians such as Courtney Love, Mick Jagger, Ringo Starr and Geezer Butler celebrating another year around the sun.

You could also potentially share a birthday with two members of Avenged Sevenfold, two members of Queen or two members of System of a Down. There’s also plenty of young rockers blowing out the candles as well with The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen, Palaye Royale’s Sebastian Danzig and Post Malone lighting the torch for rock’s next generation.

So check out the gallery below and see if you share a July birthday with a rock star!

Source: Loudwire